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Customer Farewell Letter

A farewell letter is a professional notion of informing the colleagues, friends, clients, customers etc. about you parting with them on business, geographical or any such ground. It is an acknowledgement of your thoughtfulness for their care, loyalty, guidance etc. A farewell letter to customer is sent in the scenario when the business is either shutting down or is switching to another line of business etc. and hence would not be able to continue the customer-business relationship. Farewell letters are informal in nature and should sound friendly to the receiver.


Some points to remember while writing goodbye letter to customer:

  1. Start the letter in a friendly manner.
  2. At the opening of the letter, confirm the departure of the business. It is a good practice to give the reason for the same.
  3. Acknowledge the good business relations with the customer, express gratitude towards their loyalty, suggestions, business terms and cooperation in tenure.
  4. Give any suggestion about the best option available in the market for the product you dealt after the closure of the relation.
  5. Wish them the best in future and close by providing the contact details for being in touch.

Sample letter to bid goodbye to customer:

Davis Richards
Sr. Manager [Sales]
Noval Sales Corporation
1685 Coney Island Avenue
NY, United States 65789
Tel: 123-456-7890

Date: January 02, 2011

Smith Johnson
House no. 45 C
373 South High Street
Columbus, OH
United States 98746

Dear Mr. Johnson,

As we talked about recently, we will no longer be doing business together as our line of business has changed. It is with profound regret that we would be losing a loyal customer for the business and hence this letter is to offer you farewell and wish you all the best in your future trade.

We at Noval Sales Corporation are pleased about the good trade we did and the cordial association that was held between us. It kept the work smooth and the employees were functioning in inter related way. Continue this relationship with the other businesses you transact with.

I would like to suggest you ABC firm for the further business. They offer the same product in the market and of compatible quality and the rate that we provided. You may check for your suitability.

Again, I would like to wish you all the best for the future and a very happy new year to you and your family. Hope our paths cross again in the near future for the new business line. Our contact continues to be the same and any change in the same would be duly intimated, in case you would need further assistance from our end.

Sincerely, Davis Richards

The farewell letter to customer serves as a token of the loyal and cooperative relationship held during the trading tenure and helps to motivate the customer to continue the business relation with the new line of business if possible.

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