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Farewell Letter Reply

It is a very good gesture to send a farewell letter to the person parting with you. It is applicable to the one who has to leave and the one who is passively going to part with the other person. In case, a person forgot to send a farewell letter for any reason, then after receiving the farewell letter from the goodbye bidder, it becomes professional etiquette to respond with a proper gesture i.e. write a reply to the farewell letter. The same rules are applied to the farewell letter as well as to the letter replying to the farewell letter.


Few points to keep in mind while writing a reply to a farewell letter:

  1. Keep the letter professional but balance the professional manner with the touch of informal writing, while replying to a friend's farewell letter.
  2. Do not use this letter to criticize the sender for any differences that you ever had, but write it on a positive note.
  3. Give special attention to the instances stated by the sender, and try to recount few instances and reciprocate with your feelings to the instances stated.
  4. Wish the sender with best wishes for the future.
  5. Farewell letters are very depressing, but it should sound like you'll be able to see this individual again someday. Same goes with the reply to a farewell letter. Show the intention to stay in contact. If the farewell letter has furnished the contact details of the sender, make a note of it and provide with your contact information, allowing the other person to be able to contact you.

Sample reply letter to farewell letter:

James Little
House no 368 B
317 South Route 85
Berlin, NJ
United States 61234
Tel: 123-456-7890

Date: January 02, 2011

Steven Dean
House no 12 A
152 W 17th Ave
Columbus, Ohio
United States 61574

Dear Steven,

It was really so difficult to believe that the day has come that I have received your letter bidding goodbye. I did not wish this day to come, but notwithstanding my wish the day has come.

Well just like you, I too have mixed emotions for this day. I loved the companionship with you at office. But with due respect to your bright career ahead, I seek the strength to overcome this depression of you parting with me.

Yes I do remember the day when you were newly joined and came up to me for help with the HR dept. The pleasure was all mine to help you then. And later I developed a strong bond with you because you are such a jovial person to be around.

Your goodbye letter enthused me the most of all the farewell letters I've received ever. I have a lot of stuff I'd like to say to you but I can't discover the words. Hope you understand.

Wish all the best for your future. We'll be in touch and definitely meet each other when deem fit. My contact details are as above and I would let you know if there's any change.

James Little

This is a sample letter of reply to a goodbye note. With this overview and idea of writing a response, you may write your customized reply to farewell letter accordingly.

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