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Funny Farewell Letter

It is a requisite and a good gesture to send farewell letter while leaving a company and parting with colleagues and friends. But when we talk about farewell letter, it is a mixture of many feelings especially, sweet and sad. Leaving friends is a sad feeling and the opportunity to explore better career option, is a sweet feeling. To send a funny farewell note is a solution to overcome the impact of the sad feeling, and help everyone to get into a better mood.


Few Points to remember while writing humorous farewell letter:

  1. Such a letter should not be addressed to the whole company in general but should be specifically sent to the colleagues or co-workers who are close to you.
  2. It is not a good practice to criticize anyone via farewell letter and with the support of a farewell letter written in humorous manner.
  3. You may include short jokes too. While writing a humorous farewell letter, analyze and focus your mind to search for the occurrences or the experiences that really made everyone laugh and alleviate their depressive mood.
  4. Conclude the letter in such a way that the friends are left assured of your continued contact, communication and connection after departing from them at office. This may be achieved by providing them with the personal number, email id or including them to your social networking site.

Sample humorous farewell letter:

Smith Collins
House no. 4D
Winston High Street
Columbus, Ohio
United States 66554
Tel: 123-456-7890

Date: January 01, 2011

Sales Department
Smart Sales Company
Ontario High Street
Cleveland, Ohio
United States 98745

Dear Friends,

To all of you who already know and to those who will know after reading this, I would like to inform that, today is my last working day at Smart Sales Company. I am quite sure that everyone would have a sigh of relief, the moment they learn this piece of information. Through this letter, I would like to thank all my colleagues and friends for bearing me and my talks throughout my tenure here.

Thanks a ton to Mr. Williams for answering my queries, which were at times not required. You now can certainly be relieved that no one would bother you so much with queries.

I am grateful to Steffi, for her wonderful lunch which she had to share with me. "Enjoy your lunch box Steffi, now onwards no sharing".

Thank you to one and all for bearing my nonstop talks and humors. But yes, I would not let you be so relieved though, here's my contact details:

Tel: 123-456-7890
Email ID:
And my Social networking account:

This is to inform you that these details are not just furnished to meet any requisite, you are expected to call and be in touch and if you fail to do so, you will get a call from me. So don't be relieved completely. I am still around and will be always.

Warm regards,
Smith Collins

It is very difficult to say goodbye to friends and colleagues, this is where the funny farewell letter is helpful to bid goodbye in a humorous manner and to help them feel be

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