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Church Follow up Letter

Church follow up letter is written to the first time visitor of the church to encourage him/her to attend the church on a regular basis. When a person attends a church for the first time, he/she is a bit nervous thinking about how the current members of the church would react towards him/her. You can clear their doubts by writing a letter and inviting them to join your community.


Church carries lots of activities and services to the community. It is impossible for the first time visitors to see what the church holds for them and their family. Further, it is likely that the visitor might not visit the church again due to some personal reasons or preferences. To make them join your community and show them that your church has everything for them and their families, you have to write a follow up letter. By following up with the letter, you can request the visitors to join you in the prayer and share some encouraging messages with them. You can also share some of the important event your church is going to take in order to serve the society.

The follow up letter you write to the visitors should not include the words that are used in your church, since they may find it difficult to understand it. The letter should plainly express your excitement on their decision for joining your community. You can also add some of the activities that are held in your church. Explain in brief about it how it is beneficial for them and their families. Remember, not for force them to join your church. Follow up with them if you truly believe that they will come back. Here is a church follow up letter sample written to the first time visitor. The letter should be written on your church's letterhead.

Church Follow up Letter

June 10, 2010

Mike Gregg
2020 20th Street SE
Akron, OH 42150

Dear Gregg Family,

We were pleased with your visit to our church on this past Sunday. We hope that your visit was comfortable and you were welcomed with open hearts.

The doors of our church are always opened for those who believe in God. We pray for every single of our member for their well-being and good health. It is our vision to bring more and more believers to our community to make this world a peaceful neighborhood. We strongly trust those who put their faith in Lord Jesus. We teach the importance of spiritualism and Christianity to our members. At the same time, we try to educate our people about different culture prevailing in this world.

We were happy to know that you have committed your life to Jesus Christ. We would like you to know that this is most important decision you have taken in your life, and God will truly shower His blessing on you and your family. I would like to encourage you in reading Bible and taking prayer every day. Through Bible teaching and guidance, you will mature as a person and lead a happy peaceful life. It is our wish to see you again in our church this coming Sunday. If you want know more about our church, please contact and visit me personally.

May God bless you!

Rev. Matthew D. Hall
Senior Pastor

I hope now you must have realized the importance of a follow up letter. It cannot only be used for interview or business purpose, but surely for the religious purpose also.

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