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Follow up Letter after Phone Conversation

You can have a telephonic conversation to take an appointment, request a product quotation or even fix a sales meeting. Nowadays, most of the companies conduct an interview over the phone with the applicants. However, since decisions are not taken instantly, it takes times to complete the circle of the telephonic conversation. The next thing involved is following up with the person on the other end of the phone. The best way to do it is through a follow up letter.


The follow up letter should be written immediately within two days from the discussion held on the phone. This way the reader can relate to the previous correspondence easily. The letter should include the main points of the dialogues held during the discussion. If it is written for a job related purpose, the employer must have asked you to send your resume. In that situation, start your letter with "As per your request in our telephonic conversation yesterday morning, I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your kind consideration". Then the letter should summarize your qualifications and experience and request an appointment for an interview.

Sometimes the clients may ask you to quote a product or service on the phone. After the discussion, you can follow up with them through a letter. Here too, remind them about the talk held between you. Include a price list for the product or service and highlight one or two specialty about it in the letter. Express your ability to provide the goods or service on time and lure them with some offer. Here are two samples of follow up letters that will clear your doubts.

Follow up Letter after Phone Conversation (1)

Dear Andrew,

In view of our telephonic conversation this afternoon, I am attaching my resume along with this letter for your perusal. After going through it, I am confident that you will find me suitable for the marketing position.

As you can find in my resume, I have five years of experience with an excellent sales record with my current company. I am a thorough professional and I have inherited it through my parents, both are doctors. Currently, I am supervising a group of seven marketing executives. I not only complete my target, but also help my team to achieve it.

I am thankful for your time in having a discussion with me on the phone. I am eager for an opportunity to meet with you personally. If you find my resume perfect for the position in your company, please call me at (850) XXX-3928 any day and time as per your convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Alan J. Smith

Follow up Letter after Phone Conversation (2)

Dear Mathew R. Conrad,

Please find the price list for the lawn maintenance service that you requested on yesterday's phone conversation.

We, XYZ Lawn Caretakers, are in this business since 2007. We have been providing our services to most of your neighborhoods. Since you are located very near to our office, we can provide you good service at a lower cost.

We have the latest equipment and good strength of personnel which can make you happy with our service. If there is anything else you need, please drop in at our office on any weekday to confirm the contract.

Best regards,
Ms. Anne J. Simpson
(850) XXX-7845

These two samples of follow up letters are written each for a job-related and a business purpose. If you had conversation on the phone for any of these, then help yourself with these samples by adding or deleted text as per your needs.

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