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Follow up Letter Application

Are you going through a strange situation where after applying for a job you haven't heard anything from the company for quite some time? Well, it a common situation and this happens to one and all. The reason could be your lack of knowledge about following the company's application process. Perhaps, the company is just busy in sorting out the application they received in hundreds. This situation will surely make you feel whether the company is interested in you or not. So how would you find it? The only way to do it is to write a follow up letter and inform the company that you are waiting for a chance to be interviewed.


When writing the follow up letter, don't write it based on any vague assumptions that you may be going through in the absence of any response. Your intention in writing should be to inform the employer that you have already sent an application and would like to know if it has been received or not. You can grab this opportunity in stating your interest for the position and letting the employer know that you possess the required skills and qualification for it. Provide your contact information in the letter so that the hirer could contact you if they haven't received your application.

The other necessity to consider while writing the follow up letter is to wait for at least two working weeks from the date of sending your application. Gently remind to the recruiter about the position you have applied for. You can also suggest how you intend to follow up further with the employer. Provide a specific date, and time of your action. If something is missed out in your application, you can add it in this letter. Take some help from this sample follow up letter if you are caught in this similar situation.

Follow up Letter Application

Olawale M. Daniel
4225 S Last Avenue
Amityville, NY 11701
(650) XXX-2549

10 May, 2011

Elvira D. Reyes
Manager Human Resource
ABC Company Ltd.
10th Riverview Street
Amityville, NY 11700

Dear Reyes,

I was very excited to see a vacancy published for the 'Programmer' position in the XYZ Daily on 25 April, 2011. In order to communicate my interest instantly and to be the first to others, I posted my application on the very same day. Now, even after good fifteen days past, I haven't heard anything for the same from your office.

Since the application was sent on the same day of the advertisement, there is no chance that I have crossed the time limit. I was wondering whether in sheer excitement I haven't posted it in a wrong address. I will appreciate if you could confirm the receipt of my application at my email address, or at my cell number.

After thoroughly understanding your requirements, I believe my skills and qualifications is a perfect match for this position, and I am very much interested in working with your company. If you require me to resend my application, I will do it promptly. I will also be happy if you call me for any further information about me.

Olawale M. Daniel

This sample of a follow up letter is a brilliant example where the candidate is informing the employer about his skills and qualification in brief, expressing her interest for the position and requesting to confirm the receipt of application that she had sent few days ago.

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