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Medical Follow up Letter

Medical follow up letter is written for a variety of reasons. The most basic among those varied reasons is when you need to follow up your medical reimbursement settlement issues with the insurance service provider. The other instance of writing this letter is when you have applied in your company for a medical leave and not yet heard about the same from the concerned department. It is also written by the health care provider to their patients when they don't keep their appointment of a health check-up.


Let's talk about its use for a health check-up. Sometimes due to our busy schedule or some unavoidable circumstances, we skip our appointment with the physician we have been treated by. If we are not able to inform the health care provider about the cancellation, we receive a follow up letter to remind us about the importance of health check-up. It further explains us about the possible consequences we may have to face if we fail to keep our appointment.

Here is a medical follow up letter written by the physician to his/her patient that has cancelled, or did not show up for an appointment.

Medical Follow up Letter

10 May, 2011

Jane R. Rivers
104 Patient Lane
Some City, Any State - 45871

Dear Jane Rivers,

We are a bit disappointment and surprised to find out that you didn't turn up for the follow-up appointment you had with us on 9th May, 2011. We can understand that there must be some other emergency that might have prompted you to miss it without any rescheduling. However, it is our moral responsibility and our keen interest for your well-being that we should again repeat the importance of your regular health-check up, if you have forgotten, and it seems you did.

It is very essential that you should stick to the laid out plan for check-ups in order to keep yourself away from any further complication. Though the tumor of your stomach has been removed through surgery, you are seriously requested to regularly follow up with us for another couple of years till the minute of the doubt of its recurrence is completely answered for. Hence, it is advisable that you should schedule an appointment with us within next seven days.

The last time we met was on 2nd April, 2011. If you remember we discussed on how important it is to follow up tests to find out if the treatment given to you is correct or not. Through continued follow up test, we would come to know whether there is a need to change the course of the treatment and to really check if the tumor is not forming again. If you avoid, or delay these check-ups, your health could be in a serious danger and we would be helpless in that situation. So I plead you to contact our office and reschedule your appointment as soon as you receive this letter. Please update us with your contact number since you were reachable by telephone.

Yours truly,
(Physician Name)

This medical follow up letter is also written by the Cancer Registry (Cancer Registrars that collect the data about the patients suffering from cancer and tumor diseases in order to make continuous improvements in cancer therapy) to the hospitals that treats cancer and tumor diseases. This type of letter is more like a questionnaire where the information about the patient is required to be filled by the hospitals and send it to the Registry.

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