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Ending a Friendship Letter

It is difficult to say good-bye to a person whom you wish should never go out of your life and secondly to the person with whom you shared some good times and now you don't wish to continue friendship or meet ever again. It is not a good sign to just ask a friend to move out and leave them out but it should have a proper closure. Hence, writing an ending a friendship letter will help you to serve the purpose and let the other person know that you are hurt and he/she has really made a genuine mistake and you do not want to take it any further. Even though, it is a letter demonstrating the end of your friendship and relationship, do not do it on a light and casual note.


Tips to write a letter to end a friendship:

  1. Ending a relationship cannot be a generic topic and it is very important to be personal and specific while writing such a letter.

  2. Do not skip giving reasons for ending the friendship. However, do not overburden the reader by specifying each and every particular mistake made by them; this gives them a chance of justifying and arguing irresistibly. So, just explain the things that went wrong and not how the person who went wrong.

  3. While doing so, be firm and do not build any positive hopes of keeping the friendship or meeting the person. However, end on a positive note and express your wish to move on and wish the recipient to proceed.

Sample letter to end a friendship:

Harry Turner
#12 A Cleve Road
Dulia, MN
United States 97118
Ph: 856-767-1284

Date January 17, 2011

Ted Moose
#11C West South Street
Duluth, MN
United States 66918

Dear Ted,

Believe it or not! I am writing this letter to you with my throat choked with tears and I do not know how to let them out. It was a very difficult decision for me but, I had to conclude this as I alone cannot pull it any further. I think you have very well understood it. Yes, I am ending our friendship, which has probably become obsolete as per you.

I cannot deny the special moments that I have shared with you, the fun that we had during our college time and nonetheless, the importance that we both had in each other's lives. I of course, would not accuse you of this as a partner changes everyone's life and expects importance over any other thing in your life. So, you are probably genuine while taking time out for Katie, but you my dear friend completely forgot me, who have had been expecting your time for last couple of months and you could not make it for me.

I now believe that, till I give up on our relationship you too will be in dilemma and guilt feeling of not being able to give time for our relation and secondly, I will keep hoping of getting the same time and concern from you, which is not possible and feasible.

So, no fights! Let's part cordially and cherish the wonderful memories of our otherwise very wonderful friendship.


This ending a friendship letter is written in a decent manner to convey the hard feeling to end a friendship.

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