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Funny Letter to Girlfriend

To spice up your relationship, you will need some funny elements that can bring a smile on your girlfriend's face. You can tell her jokes and share any funny moments that you experienced on your daily routine. If your sense of humor is good, you can apply it to calm down your girlfriend in case you had a fight with her. Here is an example of a funny letter that can help you to show her that you have a good sense of humor.


Funny Letter to Girlfriend

Dear Barbara,

How can I convince you that I don't have an affair with Sandra? I just took her to a movie because she was feeling lonely and wanted some recreation. I tried to call you so that you too can join us, but I couldn't get through as you were not in town. I knew you would come to know about this somehow. That's why I insisted her on staying back at home since her parents had gone out and she was all alone. But I guess she was afraid that I would take an undue advantage of her.

Even inside the theatre, I behaved decently. As I was missing you, I imagined you sitting next to me and touched her just to feel you. As you were running in my mind and heart throughout the movie, I started kissing her to feel your company. After few kisses, I realized that she is no better than you. You are just too good and nothing can replace you. I also missed your fragrance when I embraced her. Therefore, I suggested your favorite perfume so that I can feel you even in your absence. You see how much I think about you.

Whatever time I spent with her kissing and hugging, all the time I was just talking about you and nothing else. She even stopped me on a number of occasions as she was getting bored with your talks. I then explained her that it is my love for you that keeps me talking about you because you are so deeply engraved in my mind and heart. She went ahead and said how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like me. I admired her thoughtful mind.

See how na´ve and innocent I am that even in a company of another girl I always think about you. Don't you feel this is quite an evidence of my undying love for you? Give me some example of any boyfriend who is as sober as I am. Now even girls have started complementing me for being a decent boyfriend.

Now, don't get upset and trust me that whenever I am with any other girl, I will think about you and no one else. See, how much I love you and crave for your company. Yours and only yours,


Now you only decide what would have been the girl's reaction after reading this letter. However one thing is sure that somewhere she couldn't have helped herself from stopping to laugh. So, when in love, get funny because it might spare you even if you did something unacceptable.

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