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Funny Letter to Teacher

Apart from learning so many things from our teachers, we also learn the art of writing a letter. We have to write thank you letter during teacher's day and a goodbye letter when we finish off our education. In between these two occasions, sometimes we do have to write letters explaining them the reason for missing our class the prior day, or the drop in grade after the exam.


However, when writing letters to teachers, we sometimes apply an extra effort in order to clear our stance, and in that attempt the letter turns out to be funny. The reason could be our lack of understanding in letter writing, or we are just afraid of them asking us to call our parents.

I remember one incident, where my class mate (can't remember his name) was asked to explain his absenteeism in writing. This guy wrote the letter proving his innocence and justifying his being away from the class. Next day, when the teacher read the letter in class, we all had a good laugh. Some of those wordings of the letter are still fresh in my mind as they were so amusing. I am trying to put those words in this letter with a slight modification wherever I have forgotten it, just to make it funny.

Funny Letter to Teacher

Dear Miss Rosie,

I am writing this letter to explain my absenteeism as per your request. There are three reasons behind it. One, I am just afraid to attend your class because you always target me. Your questions are like ballistic missiles that are guided towards me. I am frustrated giving you the same answer "I don't know". Even so, you are so stubborn that you can't digest your food until you have used your cane on my posterior. When I go home, I have to apply some softener on that part to sleep well. My knees are also getting weaker because you make me stand on the bench in your period. I feel, every morning when you leave your home for school, you make up your mind to harass me. I feel my face must be reminding you about some of your enemy.

Second, I can't understand a damn thing you teach in the class. I wonder how our principal appointed you as a teacher. If you don't know the answer, read yourself, why bother asking me time and again.

Third, do you know Susie from grade VIII? Her parents had gone out for a business trip, and she was all alone. As she requested my company, I stayed with her until her parents returned. I wish they would have gone for a longer period!

I hope these explanations justify my absenteeism. Now please don't let my parents know about it, otherwise they will keep a watch on me and I hate being monitored.

Thanking you,
(Forgotten Name)

After reading this letter, you must be wondering what action was taken against that student. Better not to talk about it now. However, one thing I would like to tell all those students who are reading this letter, please respect your teachers and never ever write this type of letter. You can share a joke or two with your teacher, but that too must be within certain boundaries.

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