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Goodbye Letter

Life is all about changes and moving ahead. We come across many people in our daily life, some become friends, some partners and some we don't even remember. Though meeting new people and coming in to relationship with them is a happy moment, equally sad is the time when we part from each other. But, that's the way life is. However, parting with memories of happy moment is always a pleasurable experience. The age old way of writing a good bye letter to express our feelings and share thoughts is still an effective way to bring an end or break to a relation. Goodbye letter can be written for various moments such as going on vacation or moving to a new place for ever.


Saying goodbye is associated with wishing the friend or partner good luck in your absence. It's considered as an auspicious sign. In literal sense the word good bye means 'god be with you'. A goodbye letter is your expression of hearty wishes to the person addressed. A goodbye letter can be written to any person or object with which you are parting. It can be family members, colleagues or coworkers, girlfriend, boyfriend, teacher, anyone from workplace or even a bottle of alcohol or your favorite toy. A letter can be written to anyone, anything which is dearer to you and you don't want to give up or break up with.

As mentioned earlier, a good bye letter is a way to express your feelings and thoughts, the words chosen should be carefully selected. The language used depends upon the person to whom the letter is addressed. Ideally a goodbye letter can be a personal letter or a professional letter. Though while writing a personal letter, thoughts are more important than actual words used to express them; but, in a professional letter the words used are equally important as your feelings or thoughts. One needs to find the ideal balance between the two when writing a goodbye letter. Given below are samples of professional and personal goodbye letters:

Professional goodbye letter (to coworkers)

Dear All (or name of recipient),

Before I wish a goodbye, I would like to take this opportunity to inform all of you that my contract / tenure with the {ABC company}, in the capacity of {position} has come to an end.

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks to one and all with whom I got the opportunity to work together and share knowledge and skills. My tenure with this company was really memorable because of constant support and guidance I received from my colleagues, superiors and other supportive staff.

I will really remember the time I spent here and encouragement I received which enhanced my skills.

I wish I could find another opportunity to work together again with you all in future. I would love to hear words of advice in future also to help me guide through the new phase of life.

I wish if we could remain in touch. I can be contacted at (e-mail address and phone number if you want to).

Regards / sincerely
XYZ (Your Name)

Personal goodbye letter (for friends)

Dear XYZ (Name of recipient)

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude for your constant support and encouragement, before I wish you a goodbye.

It was indeed very memorable experience to come across a friend like you. I really enjoyed being your friend and share those happy moments which we spent together. But, since life is all about moving ahead, I would like to wish you a very bright and prosperous future.

I will definitely miss your companionship. Will love to be in touch and appreciate any opportunity in future to be with you again.

I am always available on (phone number and other contact details if you want to share). I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Thanking you again for being my friend.

With best wishes,
ABC (your name)

With the fair idea of how to write a goodbye letter, along with your personal thoughts and feelings, you can surely write a goodbye letter with true meaning.

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