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Goodbye letter to Addiction

Goodbye letter to addiction is a self motivating and inspiring way to quit. Addiction of any kind is not good; neither for the person himself or for the community he/she live in. All kinds of rehabilitation centers practice the habit of asking its patients to write a goodbye letter to addiction (for any substance). This is done realizing that in case of any addiction, rehabilitation requires a strong emotional inner urge to quit.


A goodbye letter to addiction helps in reinstating our resolve to quit every time we look and read it. The letter can be written in different ways suiting to one's personal style. There are no strict guidelines to writing a goodbye letter to addiction. Till the time it solves the purpose of writing, and helps in quitting, the letter is ideal and effective. Moreover, as you are the only person who is going to read the letter every time, you can write it in a way which motivates you the most. You can design it artistically, use imposing language and even mention very personal and sensitive information; as long as the letter fulfills its objective, and is in safe hands.

The sample letter given below can be helpful in drawing the rough sketch; first step towards writing an impressive and effective goodbye letter to addiction. Albeit, it can be made even more remarkable and striking with personal creative ideas; a balance is to be maintained to keep it relevant to the purpose.

Sample goodbye letter to addiction

My dearly dreaded Cocaine Crack (name of drug you are addicted to. You may make it more imperative by mentioning brand or colloquial name),

I wish I never see you back in my life for all the horrific things inflicted by you in my life. You were like a sweet poison, killing me slowly every day.

I am writing this letter to inform you, that you cannot affect me anymore, as I have decided to part away from you forever. It was the biggest mistake of my life to let you interfere in my life, and influence me. Slowly you took complete control of me. I can't imagine, you almost ruined not only my life, but also affected my family and others who loved me dearly.

It is only because of them that now I have realized where I was heading to. Thinking of the days, when I sniffed first dose, I still can't believe how na´ve and foolish I was. For the momentary relief and fun, a feeling never experienced before, what I was compromising on; my complete life itself. Rather than enjoying the beautiful things in life, I had become addicted to you, and was heading for my doomsday.

You not only affected my physical and mental health, but also brought about financial losses. Eventually, the damage caused by you started affecting my family and society. Still, when I think of recollecting myself and reintegrating with life, I feel it is not late yet and so I have decided to bid a final goodbye to you.

And before I end, I would like to promise you that soon I will prove it to others and myself that you can be avoided.

With best of wishes for myself, and goodbye for ever to you

Yours true fan and victim,
ZZZZ (your name)

While referring to the above sample letter, certain precautions need to be taken to ensure legitimacy of your letter. The guide lines given below can help you in writing an assertive and unfailing goodbye letter to addiction.

Guidelines to write a goodbye letter to addiction

  • Use language that is comprehensible to you every time you read the letter.
  • Be clear with the message you wish to convey.
  • Use language which reinforces your decision, and even motivates you further.
  • You may wish to set time limits to make the letter more emphasizing and enforcing.
  • Use of artworks can give the letter a lively outlook and inspire you further.
  • Use of stimulating closing lines and salutation can be more helpful.

Subject to your dedication, commitment and self confidence, a goodbye letter to addiction written adhering to these guidelines will be outstanding and effective in bringing out the desired outcome.

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