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Goodbye Letter to Alcohol

People addicted to alcohol find it difficult to give up the habit. Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol is an effective way of self motivation against alcohol addiction. To give up alcohol dependency, it requires a lot of emotional courage and commitment.


People dedicated to the cause are trying to alleviate the alcohol addiction victims in their own ways. Alcohol abuse is a social stigma humiliating communities all over the world. Throughout the globe; governments, NGOs and others are fighting against alcohol abuse.

Even though there is no reader, you still, while writing a goodbye letter to alcohol should ensure that it communicates strong commitment to give up alcohol intake. Every time you read it, the letter should reinforce your decision and dedication to recover from alcohol abuse. Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol can not only help you in saving your physical health, but also mental stability and prevent further financial losses.

Despite the fact that you are writing a goodbye letter to alcohol, the significance of letter cannot be under estimated. It should be considered as if you are writing it to any other individual who is very close to you, and you do not want to part away. One should always remember that addiction of alcohol makes it as dearer to you, or even more, as anyone else in your life.

In writing a motivational, inspiring and provocative goodbye letter to alcohol, following guidelines would be helpful.

  • You may use the salutation and closing, the way you want your letter to sound, either strong worded or very emotional.
  • The language used should be comprehensible so that every time you read the letter, it conveys the same message with same intensity.
  • You may wish to set an appropriate deadline to make it more enforceable.
  • Remember to mention about bad moments, so that it strengthens your decision to quit.
  • You may think of unique ideas to make the decision more committable, such as promise to someone dear, as a gift to your parents or a challenge to self etc.
  • The content of the letter should be relevant. You should not deviate from the actual motive behind writing the letter.
  • Keep your letter precise, as it may get boring over a period of time.

These tips can be helpful in writing a compelling and striking goodbye letter to alcohol. With addition of innovative ideas, the letter can be made more impressive and stimulating.

The sample goodbye letter to alcohol can be used in formulating the basic design of your letter.

Sample letter

Dear Alcohol (you may write your favorite drink),

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am leaving you forever and wish not to meet you in life again. We may come across at different occasions in future, but I will not accept you back in my life. You have already caused a lot of damage to me, and I don't want to aggravate the situation further.

Before I wish you a final goodbye, I wanted to share my feelings and emotions with you. I still remember I was only 17 when I first met you, and then slowly we became partners to all occasions. Though, the initial experience under your company was very pleasant and fun filled, but gradually you started intervening in all activities of my life.

Because of you, not only me, but my family members too had to suffer. You took my loved ones away from me, and made me a burden on my family and the society. All my friends left me as they were envious of seeing you by my side all the time.

Lately, I have realized that even though you brought a happiness which I never experienced before, it was temporary. I have realized the worth of loving and caring people in life, and you can never replace them.

So, to live a happy and healthy life, I want to say goodbye to you. Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson.

Goodbye forever.
Yours once upon a time biggest fan

A goodbye letter to alcohol is a common practice followed in alcohol rehabilitation centers and a very supportive tool to give up alcohol addiction.

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