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Goodbye Letter to Ex Boyfriend

Making new relations and breaking the old ones is not new to life. Life is all about changes, and relations do change over time. It depends upon every individual on how one treats these relations, both during, and post break up. Writing a goodbye letter to the other person post break up is an effective way to handle the situation constructively. The same is applicable to boyfriends, and writing a goodbye letter to ex-boyfriend not only reduces the complications involved, but also helps to end the relation on a positive note.


Relations can break for many reasons such as change in geographic locations or due to mutual differences etc. "Change" is the universally applicable truth for all relations; may it be your parents, colleagues or loved ones. All relations change overtime, either they grow strong or get weaker; it all depends on the persons involved in the relation. However, if the person in the relation is your boyfriend with whom you want to part away, then, the goodbye letter to an ex boyfriend needs to be carefully written.

The goodbye letter to an ex boyfriend needs special consideration and careful drafting, as it should neither sound too emotionally attached, nor very offensive. In either case, it can ruin the relation further. The precautions to be exercised while writing a goodbye letter to your ex boyfriend are mentioned below. However, one can exercise personal discretion to have desired implications.

Letter drafting tips

  • The language used should be comprehensible. You need not make it complicated, because you both are not going to be in relation any more. You know his proficiency better.
  • Ensure that the letter conveys the message in its true intended meaning. Avoid using language which may lead to misunderstandings.
  • If possible, don't mention about bad moments. Try to end the letter on a positive note.
  • You may opt to share your contact details, if you want to keep in touch in future. It is advisable to be in touch if both have severed on mutual understanding.
  • Salutation to your letter should be appropriately chosen, depending on future bearings of relation. The same is advisable for closing of the letter too.
  • Avoid sounding too emotional while writing letter, it may make severance difficult for both.

These tips can be helpful in writing an impressive goodbye letter to your ex boyfriend with proper message being communicated.

The sample letter given below can be used for reference while formulating your letter to make it more striking and imposing.

Sample goodbye letter to ex boyfriend

Dear Michael,

I am writing this letter to convey my final decision concerning complications arising in our relation lately. I feel it is better for us to part away for our future. I did not inform you personally, as I feel it will be difficult for us to accept it, and feel that writing a letter is more practical, and time appropriate.

I hope you will understand the reason behind my decision. Please don't get me wrong. Together we have shared lots of pleasant moments and I didn't want to end this relation on a bad note. I would request you to recognize our differences, and accept the decision in an optimistic way.

I don't want to hurt your feelings, but at the same time, cannot do much about it. I would like to wish you a goodbye and a bright future. I am sure you will find a much better partner in your life. It is not that you are inappropriate for me, but we need to acknowledge our differences, and take it positively.

We can be in touch and be good friends to each other.

You can always contact me on:
51 Port Street
My contact number is +0125436722

Do take care of yourself and take this letter as my final decision.


The language used in the above sample goodbye letter to ex boyfriend can be altered to convey severity, and/or mellow down the harshness. Touch of personal creative ideas can make the letter more remarkable and convey deeper feelings in the desired manner.s

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