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Goodbye Letter to Girlfriend

Saying goodbye to loved and dear ones is always a very difficult task. It involves a lot of emotional courage to come over your sad feelings and wish someone a goodbye whom you would never like to part away with even for single moment. The worse is the situation when you have to wish goodbye to someone very dear and near to you like your girlfriend. Writing a goodbye letter to your girlfriend requires a lot of thought process and emotional presence to have the desired implications.


Writing a goodbye letter to girlfriend is also preferable for those who are emotionally weak and cannot hide feeling at the moment of separation. A goodbye letter to girlfriend is best way to communicate one's feelings. It gives you choice to write in a language which is more effective by giving you options to word your phrases using more emphasizing words. While writing a goodbye letter to girlfriend one must ensure that the language used is not over crowded with complicated words. It would divert the focus from actual sense to more literal understanding. The language should be same as you use commonly when communicating with each other. It can be reinforced with metaphors to have more impact on the reader.

Certain things which should be kept in mind while writing a goodbye letter to girlfriend are given below for one to write an impressive love goodbye letter:

  • Address the girlfriend with the name you call her mostly
  • Be yourself when writing letter. Focusing too much on language may make your letter indifferent to your emotions
  • Refer to happy moments you spent together. This would reduce the pain of separation
  • Rekindle the hope and feeling when you may reunite
  • Emphasize the important role she played in your life when together
  • Remember that goodbye letter is to wish good luck to her and not convey your sad feelings. This could make situation worse and you may not be able to leave her at all
  • Do remember to exchange contact details, and ensure that you establish the contact back after reaching to new place
  • Mention only those things which you intend to mean. Fake feelings and thoughts cannot be supported for long time

With the above given tips, one can certainly write a goodbye letter to girlfriend with true emotions and lasting effect.

The sample letter given below can be used for formulating the basic draft of the letter. However, creativity and innovations always have more eternal impression on the reader.

Dear / my beloved XXX (her name or name that you commonly call her with)

As you already know, I am moving to a new place, so I wanted to express my gratification and thank you for all you had done for me during the time we spent together.

I didn't find a better and humble way than writing a letter to wish you goodbye. I wanted to let you know that you will still hold the same position in my heart as earlier. I will never forget the support and encouragement which I received being with you. I really learnt a lot about life and responsibilities after coming in relation with you.

It's not that I am leaving you forever; it's only for a while till I find a good job. Then we will certainly be together and live happily. I have taken this step for better future of ours. I need to make sure that we have a bright and happy future, and for that we have to make this little sacrifice. Only geographically we are apart but in heart, we are always one and together.

I know that this will hurt both of us and will be painful. But, thinking of moments when we will be together, all pain fades away and I see light of hope in the dark. I know you will understand the reason and need your support and encouragement to come out with bright colors after this phase of life. My sweetheart, do take care of you.

Yours lovingly
ABC (your name or name she commonly calls you with)

With all this information, one can certainly write an impressive goodbye letter to girlfriend.

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