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Goodbye Letter to Parents from Teacher

Parting with someone you have been in a relation for a long time can be painful. Whatever be the relation, severance always brings in the feelings of sorrow and depression. Goodbye letter to parents from teacher is the ideal way for any teacher to express emotional feelings experienced at the moment of severance. The letter not only helps in communicating the feelings, but also makes the bond stronger. A goodbye letter to parents from teacher can be effective in improving the relations which have gone bad, and be in touch even after departure.


A goodbye letter from teacher to parents can be written for both the moments, when either teacher leaves the students or students leave the teacher for various reasons. Writing letter to parents or guardians of students symbolizes the concern a teacher has for students. The letter also gives opportunity to teachers to express gratitude for the trust endowed by parents. It is this trust with which parents send their children to teachers/schools, so that they can be responsible, independent individual citizens of the world. A teacher can make or ruin a student. Teacher is considered next to God for the important role played by him/her in a student's life.

The tips mentioned below can be helpful in writing an effective and impressive goodbye letter to parents from teacher.


  • Write in a comprehensible language. Remember the letter is for parents and their proficiency levels may vary.
  • Ensure that you don't sound biased to certain students. It may discourage and hurt the feelings of others.
  • Do include words of advice for parents and all students. You are a teacher, so even parents can learn from you. You can share tips on counseling of students by their parents.
  • Thorough check your letter before mailing it. As a teacher students look up to you for guidance. Any error in letter can demoralize them.
  • You may wish to share your discretionary contact details.
  • Use appropriate closing and salutation.
  • You may wish to include pleasant moments from the past, to motivate students or enlighten the mood. Avoid quoting individual instances, and refer to group activities such as adventure trips, excursions, sports competitions etc.
  • If you want to include the name of certain students, then writing a separate individual letter is a better option.
  • Keep the letter context relevant. Don't go overboard with emotions. Keep it short and simple (KISS).

The above tips can be implemented in the below given sample letter, to draft your letter in a proper way. The sample letter will also help in designing the outline for your letter for sequential flow of content.

Sample goodbye letter to students from teacher

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing this letter to share my thoughts and emotions at this juncture of time when I have to finally bid goodbye to you all. I am really proud to be the teacher of such a talented batch of students.

Though my heart is filled with sorrow and sadness, but deep inside I feel honored to wish good luck to the best student batch I ever had. I wish them all a very bright and prospective future. I am sure with my teachings, and under your accomplished parenthood, these students will bring laurels to the family, school and the nation.

I would like to thank all the parents for their continuous support and encouragement bestowed by them at home. My efforts would not have been successful without your proficient parenting. I am privileged to be the teacher of your children. I appreciate your efforts in attending school meetings regularly, and exchanging valuable suggestions with us. Your support and suggestions has helped me and the school in delivering quality education for comprehensive development of your children.

All efforts by us and parents have yielded in the improved performance of our students. The final result of this year's batch of students has been remarkable. This gives me the feeling of joy and I am proud to be their teacher. I wish all our students in future get same kind of encouragement from their parents in their quest for quality education.

Wishing all the parents and their children good luck in their future endeavors

Yours faithfully,
Darrel Harper

To write a goodbye letter to parents from teacher, more personalized one can always rely on personal creativity and innovative ideas.

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