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Jury Duty Hardship Letter

Sometimes people working in government organizations have to go for a jury duty as a temporary juror. Are you helping any of your friends to write a hardship letter to avoid jury duty? We will help you write jury duty hardship letter. Following are some useful tips for writing a jury duty hardship letter:

  • Read the jury summons carefully. Never lie in your jury duty hardship letter.
  • You should maintain a formal tone throughout the letter and write your address properly.
  • You should open the first paragraph with expressing your apology for not being able to attend the jury duty.
  • For writing this type of a hardship letter, you need to have a valid reason otherwise it would be hard on you. Mention the circumstances because of which you cannot attend the jury duty.
  • You should look genuine; so you need to attach the documented proof for your reason to avoid jury duty.
  • Jury duty hardship letter can be written by the employee himself or by the employer on behalf of the employee.
  • You should apologize to the court for not attending the jury duty and request for other dates for jury duty if possible.

We will give you an example of a jury duty hardship letter. Let us assume that X is not able to attend the jury duty because he has to take his son to hospital for some tests and he is writing a jury duty hardship letter as follows:

Banana Appt
Xxxxxx Street,
Xxxxxxx city
Xxxxxx country

25th January 2011

Xxxxxxxxx Court
Xxxxxx country

Dear Mr ABC,

I have received a summon from your office to attend a jury duty. I am honored by this privilege but I am very sorry to inform you that I am not able to attend the jury duty on the mentioned date. I request you to excuse me from jury duty for this time.

I am working in PQR Pvt. Ltd presently and I have taken a week's leave for taking care of my five year old son who is suffering from a heart problem. He will be having heart surgery tomorrow and as I am a single parent, I am the only one who can take his post operation care. I have attached the medical reports of my son and an approval letter of the operation dates from doctor with this letter.

I hope you will understand my position and excuse me from jury duty this time. You may contact me via phone - xxx-xxxxxxx or via email - in case of any concerns. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Signature of XYZ
Name of XYZ

25th January 2011

We hope this article will help you in writing a good jury duty hardship letter to avoid jury duty for genuine reasons.

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