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Medical Hardship Letter

Medical services are too costly if you don't have health insurance or medical insurance. Sometimes we forget to renew the insurance and if we have an accident in that time period, we have to pay those bills on our own. Have you found any of your friends in this situation? Do you want to help him/her to escape from this situation by helping him/her to write a medical hardship letter? Here you will get some help. We will give you an example of a medical hardship letter.


A medical hardship letter can be a hardship letter to pay the medical bills or it can be a hardship letter for loan modification, mortgage modification, foreclosure, or short sale because of financial problems as a result of paying medical bills. Let us concentrate on writing a medical hardship letter for hardship in paying medical bills.

Explain your situation and reasons for your inability of paying these medical bills. It is written if someone cannot afford to pay any medical bills; Write facts but do not fake the situation in your hardship letter for medical bills. Make your medical hardship letter precise and short. It should be well proofread. It should not have spelling mistakes and it should be readable.

Following is a medical hardship letter template.

Let us assume that X is writing a medical hardship letter for not paying the medical bills:

Banana Appt
Xxxxxx Street,
Xxxxxxx city
Xxxxxx country

21st January 2011

PQR Hospital
Xxxxxx Street,
Xxxxxxx city
Xxxxxx country

Re: Medical Hardship letter

Dear Mr ABC,

I am very sorry to inform you that I am not in a position to afford the payment of Medical bills of PQR hospital for my treatment.

My medical insurance has expired. When I was on my way to the insurance company's office, I had started suffering from severe chest pains. So, I got admitted in a hospital immediately by someone. After doing a lot of tests it was approved that I was having heart attack. My illness was so severe that I was immediately admitted to the ICU and the doctor had to do an open heart surgery. I was admitted in the hospital for a month. As my insurance expired I need to make payments of all medical bills on my own.

When I got admitted in the hospital I was nearly unconscious and I have no relative in this country. As a result, I was on uninformed leave for a month from my office, so they terminated me from my position. My current savings are just enough for covering basic necessities. My financial statement and other supporting documents are attached with this letter.

Though I got a new job this month, my income is falling behind my debts. I assure you to pay your debts but, I need some more time. I hope you will understand my dilemma and offer me a good and reasonable repayment plan.

Signature of XYZ
21st January 2011

Whilst writing a medical hardship letter try to look genuine and reasonable in the letter. It would make the recipient trust that you are really a needy person and he/she will grant you a good repayment plan.

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