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Birthday Invitation Letter

Birthdays are generally celebrated with parents and friends. This is the day when every close-one of yours tries to make you feel special. Birthday invitation letters is a new trend to invite the near ones and dear ones to a birthday party.


Many websites have sample invitation letters to invite a person to the party. These websites can be used as a reference to write your own letter. Birthdays and marriages are the social functions where the invitees are your relatives and friends. These invitations are generally informal in nature. Invitation letters for informal occasions must be cordial, respectful and friendly.

Following are the important points, which should be kept in mind to write a birthday invitation letter for party celebration:

  • You should try to make the invitee feel special. You should include the invitee's presence at birthday is eagerly awaited.
  • There is no specific format for writing an informal letter format but your invitation letter must have a positive vibe.
  • The tone of the letter should be full of enthusiasm and energy. If your invitation is dull and lifeless, then there are great chances that your party will meet the same fate.
  • The theme of the birthday party should be fun. Even if your party doesn't have a specific theme, you can still ask the guests to wear their coolest shirts, baseball hats, or whatever they like to wear. If there is no dress code, you should not push people to wear certain attire.
  • It is nice to deliver the invitation letters in person. However, if the number of invitees is large or the invitee lives far, you can send the invitation through mail.
  • You should roll the letter and tie it with a pretty satin ribbon.
  • When you are mailing the invitation letter, the envelope should be complimentary to the invitation letter. You should write the name and the address of the recipient in a good handwriting.
  • The place and the date of the occasion should be mentioned in the invitation letter. You can also include your phone number so that the invitees can contact you, in case of any difficulty.

You can refer to the birthday party invitation letter:

Invitation for Birthday Party

To Johnson and family

My birthday is on 3rd March and I am throwing a small party to celebrate the occasion. I am eagerly waiting for my friends and family to come and have a great time together. The venue of the party would be Emerson Hotel, CA, USA on 3rd March at 8 pm. On this special day of my life, I kind heartedly invite you and your family to be present with me. Looking forward to share your presence on that day.

Yours lovingly, Joe McKinley

This birthday invitation letter specifies all the information regarding the date, venue and the purpose of the party. You can customize the above invitation letter as per your requirements and feasibility.

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