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Graduation Invitation Letter

Graduation day is one of the most memorable days in anyone's life. You can write a beautiful and memorable graduation invitation letter for your loved ones. Invitation is generally sent to invite the guests to the graduation party.


Two tenses are used within the invitation letter, the present and the future. The present tense communicates the information about the event and the future tense makes sure that the guest is going to attend.

Following important points are to be kept in mind while writing the invitation letter:

  • Graduation announcements should include the name of the school, the name of the graduate and the date/time and place of the event.
  • Generally, a graduation announcement is written on an 8.5- by 11-inch sheet of medium-weight paper. However, you can cut and fold the paper any way you like.
  • The body of the letter mentions all the information about the graduation party.
  • You can also enclose your recent professional photograph, particularly for people who live far away.
  • Many graduation invitations consist of a double envelope. The outside envelope includes the person's address on the front and your return address on the back. The inner envelope has the addressee's name printed on it.
  • You can always customize your invitation letters according to you. Individuality in your invitation letter makes it more memorable both for you and for your loved ones.

You can refer the following sample graduation invitation letter:

John Smith
21, Park Avenue Road,
New York

Dear Ms. Anderson,

I am a student of final year and I have been your student for the last three years. I have learned so many things from you. Those teachings will forever guide me whenever I will have any difficulty.

I will be graduating this year and it will be a very important occasion in my life. We all students are organizing a small party we all want you to be a part of it. This letter serves as my invitation to you. Please come to the party and I wish you will not turn me down. I have invited other teachers also. Your presence will greatly lift the occasion because you are one of my most favorite teachers.

There will be a small party at our auditorium after the graduation function. I wish you would be there too. All the parents of the students are also joining for the occasion. My parents are looking forward to meeting you.

Thank you
Richie Johansson

The above graduation invitation letter provides all the information regarding the purpose of the invitation and the date and venue of the graduation party. The above sample can be helpful for those who want to write an impressive invitation letter.

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