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Meeting Invitation Letter

Invitation Letters have to be sent before every meeting. Meeting attendees should be invited properly and formally by sending invitation letters to them. The invitation letter typically contains the invitee's name, meeting purposes, meeting venue, meeting time and date. Some meeting invitation letters also includes the names of the speakers and the names of the presenters. These invitation letters are in the form of a card. However, precise information about the meeting can be printed on a card.


Two tenses are used within the invitation letter, the present and the future. The present tense communicates information about the event and the future tense makes sure that the guest is going to attend.

Following points should be taken in mind while writing the invitation letters for a meeting:

  • The introduction part consists of the host and sender's name. It also includes the name of the organization in which they have chosen to represent. A simple background of the individual or company can also be provided in this section of the letter.
  • Next, the body of the letter mentions all the information about the meeting. The theme and purpose for the meeting should be specified clearly so that the attendees don't have any confusion in the future.
  • Invitation letter should be written in a positive tone and clear information should be provided.
  • The date, address, and time of the meeting need to be clearly stated in the invitation letter.
  • What type of dress is appropriate or preferred can be stated in the invitation letter.
  • Your invitation letter should be sent in advance so that the attendees can modify their prior commitments accordingly.
  • The phone number and deadline is generally specified in the invitation letter.

You can refer to the sample meeting invitation letter provided here:


August 24, 2010

Will Atkinson
ABC Company Inc.
14th avenue street

Dear Mr Atkinson

It has been a pleasure of inviting you to lunch at Golden Bay dated August 30, 2010 which is next Wednesday. We are a prestigious manufacturing company and excel in manufacturing compressors. I believe it will be nice opportunity for me to discuss more about your firm's manufacturing process and to discuss how our compressor can help you to reduce your operating costs.

We will be looking forward for your presence at the event. Please do let me know about your presence at the event by calling me on the number mentioned above.

Best regards,
Tony Smith

Above meeting invitation letter is specifying all the information regarding the date, place and the purpose of the meeting. You can customize the above invitation letter as per your requirements and feasibility.

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