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Trade Show Invitation Letter

Trade show is a great medium of exhibiting how your product or service works. It is a place where you can also generate trade enquiries. Trade shows can be helpful in captivating the potential customers. For this purpose, trade show invitation letter can be sent to individuals. You can get many sample invitation letters over the internet. These papers can be very helpful in writing your own invitation. This paper provided here, can be helpful in writing an impressive invitation letter to the potential customers.


Trade show invitation letters are written with proper care as they can be very useful for enhancing your sales. Writing a trade show letter can be regarded as both, a science and an art. There is not any standard format of writing these letters so you should always modify these letters depending on the approach and purpose of sending these letters.

Following important points should be kept in mind while writing trade show invitation letters:

  • Selecting the right words is very important while writing these letters. You should not be too descriptive yet you need to mention all the information completely through your letter.
  • Many business writing software are available nowadays which can be helpful in checking the grammar and spellings in your letters. Spelling mistakes and wrong usage of grammar is not permissible in the invitations.
  • You should clearly define the purpose of the trade show.
  • Date, time and venue of the trade show should be mentioned clearly in the invitation letter.
  • The invitation should always be sent in a positive tone. Although the letters need to be formal but you should take care of the fact that the readers, while reading your letter should feel happy and satisfied with your details.
  • Any special event, if any, needs to be mentioned in the invitation.

You can refer to the following trade show invitation letter:

August 7, 2010

Barney Dre
ABC Company
Dallas, Texas

Dear Shaun,

The most awaited "Eventia" takes place on September 1, 2010 at 7 pm, in Hilton Hotel, on 44th West Street. The trade show is to showcase all our existing products as well as the upcoming projects.

The format of the evening is as follows:

    08:00 Expected arrival
    09:00 Opening Speaker Dr. Smith will address the trade show
    10:00 Dinner
    12:00 Closing remarks

Please make sure to bring your business cards with you, as many business people from different companies are coming for the event. This is truly a great opportunity to mix with the renowned business personalities.

I am looking forward to see you there.

Please RSVP only if you are not able to attend the event.

Barney Dre
VP (Sales)

Above trade show invitation letter provides all the information regarding the date and the place of the event. You can customize the above invitation letter as per your requirements to write an impressive invitation letter.

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