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Training Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is sent to invite a guest to a party or an event. Training is provided basically with a purpose of specialization in a particular field. Training invitation letter is sent to those individuals who have been shortlisted for the training. It is a formal way of inviting the shortlisted candidates. Two things are taken care by these letters. The letter ensures the invitation to the individual for the training and second is to ensure that the person receiving the letter is going to attend. Invitation for training can be send either to an individual or a whole organization.


Following points to be taken in mind while writing a training invitation letter:

  • At the beginning, you should include the sender's name. It also includes the name of the organization in which you have chosen to represent.
  • The body of the letter mentions all the details about the training. All the candidates should be indicated about the purpose of training and the eligibility conditions, if any.
  • Invitation letter should be written in a positive tone and clear information should be provided.
  • The duration of training has to be clearly stated in the letter of invitation.
  • The date, address, and time of reporting need to be clearly stated in the invitation letter.
  • Location of the venue of the event can be included, if that place is difficult to find.
  • Your invitation letter should be sent in advance i.e. 4-5 weeks before the training commences, so that the attendees can modify their prior commitments accordingly.
  • The phone number and deadline is generally specified in the invitation letter.

You can refer to the following sample training invitation letter:

Michael Angelo
Executive Director
National Centre of Excellence

Ac: 4563/g5/i8

August 24, 2010

Ref: Three-day workshop for the training of the computer technology and web applications.

Dear Sir,

National Centre for Excellence, CA is organizing a three-day training workshop for all the employees who are associated with the computers and its applications. The workshop will be held from October 1-3, 2010 in our auditorium itself.

We are happy to inform you that you are among the 100 candidates who have been selected to participate in the training.

The training workshop will be conducted by eminent persons in the field of software technology. Many important computer tools like coral draw, smart draw will also be taught during the programme. The training programme would be consisting of brainstorming sessions where you can also evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Since the seats are few so you are requested to confirm your participation as soon as possible.

A programme schedule is enclosed with this letter.

Your confirmation can be in the form of a reply to this mail or call us at 543-(769)-556.

Thanking you.
Yours Sincerely,
Michael Angelo
Encl: Programme schedule.

Above training invitation letter is specifying all the information regarding the date, place and the duration of the training programme. You can customize the above invitation

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