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Internal Job Offer Letter

Recruitment process is tedious not only for the candidates but for recruiters as well. The recruiters have to be keen to analyze the employee background, work experience, his interests, and loyalty measure etc. during the interview process. This is the reason that whenever a company encounters a new opening, it is highly preferred to fill the vacancy internally in the company. The internal placement ensures the skip of a tedious and lengthy interview process as there may be only a round or two sufficient to analyze the candidate as per the respective position open. The background verification is not required as it is already performed for the employee during his first interview. The most important factor is loyalty. The employee is offered a new position vertically or horizontal movement as per his skills and that would make him feel motivated and stay with the company for long. To appoint an internal candidate for a new position you will need to write internal job offer letter.


Tips to write an internal job offer employment letter:

  1. Be formal and appreciate the candidate for his achievement and his regular services at the company. Announce him for the position he is promoted.
  2. Congratulate him for the achievement, and make a positive statement expecting his ongoing and improved efforts at work.
  3. Disclose the effective date he is expected to join the new position, and the salary, benefits, policies and responsibilities applicable to the new job position.
  4. Inform about any conditions to the promotion or any expectation that he is required to meet before taking up the new position.
  5. Close the letter with a positive statement about him taking up the new position and contributing to the company's goals.

Sample internal job offer:

Best Sell Industries
77 Southern Road, Berlin, NJ
USA 68979 Telephone No: 123 122 24
Fax: 123 2343 34

Date January 10, 2011

Jacob James
House no. 99Z
15 West Ave
Berlin, NJ
United States 66554
Ph: 128-954-7436

Re: Job Code-SS133

Dear Mr. James,

I, on behalf of the Board of Directors take this opportunity to congratulate you on your promotion. I am delighted to inform you that effective February 1 2011, you are promoted to the role of Senior Business Analyst.

We are especially pleased to have filled the vacancy internally after having interviewed external candidates along with internal candidates. This is an acknowledgement from the organization for your hard work and sincere efforts.

Please find the attached Annexure-A for your new role and responsibilities. Please verify your remuneration details as per the new position in the Annexure-B. You will be on probation of 3 months commencing the new role.

Congratulations once again and we are happy to have you continue as a member of Best Sell Industries. Wish you best luck for your new position.

Simon Joseph

The internal job offer letter is a formal acknowledgement given by the employer to the internal candidate informing about his new role and responsibilities. It is a formal business document and hence should be written professionally.

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