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Response to Job Offer Letter

Congratulations for your successful interview and moving a step ahead in the job hunt. It gives a sigh of relief having received a job offer letter. Before you decide to take up or reject the offer, it is important to immediately respond to the job offer letter and show that you are professional and enthusiastic about having received the offer letter from the respective company. This response from your end is also the first formal communication with the prospective employer and hence, needs to be carefully written. Response to job offer also diminishes the nervousness about further communication regarding the acceptance or decline of the offer in a descent and formal manner.


Tips to respond to a job offer:

  1. Firstly, thank the employer for having shown interest in your candidacy and extended you the opportunity to work with the company.
  2. Evaluate the pros and cons of the offer made by the employer, decide about the work environment, salary returns and factors as such and then take your decision of taking or rejecting the offer.
  3. Make sure you have read the offer letter thoroughly for the expectations of the employer in terms of response. Many companies request a formal response in a specific format, few just request revert and few just cancel the offer after a certain time span. So check for the type of response the employer is expecting.
  4. Keep the letter simple and use it as a medium to clarify any terms of employment which are not clear. Also, restate basic terms of employment as an acknowledgement of understanding.
  5. Though not necessary, you may inform your decision whether positive or negative related to taking up the offer, if you have made up your mind.

Sample response to job offer letter:

Sana Joseph
# 23 New Heights Avenue
Blacksburg, VA
USA 68979
Ph: 123 122 24

Date: January 12, 2011

Ronald Dark
HR Manager
Talent Hunt Ltd
Blacksburg, VA
USA 68979
Ph: 123 122 24

Dear Mr. Dark,

I am pleased to receive the offer from Talent Hunt Ltd for the position of Sales Manger and this letter is to acknowledge the same. Thank you very much for offering me this challenging position and for showing faith in my capabilities.

I have gone through the offer letter and understood every aspect of it. I am confident that I will be in a position to convey my decision by the requested deadline from your end i.e. 31 January 2011. I am grateful to you for allowing me sufficient time to consider the offer and to convey the decision.

I am also sure of the fact that if I decide to accept the offer, it would be in best interest of my career and organizational goals. If you have any query, please feel free to call me on my above mentioned phone number.

Sana Joseph

Always be prompt in sending your response to job offer letter, regardless of your decision made or pending about taking up the offer.

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