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Sales Job Offer Letter

You have a sales vacancy in your company and you have interviewed many candidates for this position. A candidate impressed you with his knowledge, qualification and relevant experience, then it is the time to present him with the sales job offer letter. Written formal offer letter is just the confirmation of the verbal negotiations and acceptance by the two parties i.e. employer and prospective employee.


A sales job offer letter is presented for various openings in sales domain like, sales representative, telephone sales representative, business development executive, salesman etc. The offer letter for sales vacancy should include details of salary, commission structure, bonus disbursement etc. Sales professionals are keenly interested in such details and are usually money driven.

Sample job offer letter for sales professional:

Smart Sales Ltd
77 Southern Road, Berlin, NJ
USA 68979 Telephone No: 123 122 24
Fax: 123 2343 34

Date January 12, 2011

William Duncan
15 West Ave
Berlin, NJ
United States 66554
Ph: 128-954-7436

Re: Job Code-SR452

Dear Mr. Duncan,

I am pleased to extend the offer of employment to you to work with Smart Sales Ltd as a Sales Representative. As per our discussions, the proposed joining date is February 1 2011. In case of any contingencies from your end, we expect you to let us know about the convenient date of joining for you. You will be required to report to Mr. Jacob Winston, Senior Sales Manager.

The offer remains contingent upon your passing our pre-employment drug test, and successful background verification. Following are the other details cum terms and conditions of the offer:

  • Job description- Please find the Annexure-A for the details of the job responsibilities
  • Pay details- You are entitled to weekly paychecks for the monthly rate of $ 5000, which comes up to $ 60000 on an annual basis, and are subject to deductions for taxes as required by the company's policies and government law. Direct deposit of paychecks to your bank account is available.
  • Commission plan- In addition to the fixed base salary, you will be paid commission. The commission plan entitles you to 15 % of monthly sales and 5% of the yearly sales profit.
  • Bonus- After successful completion of 3 months in the company you will be eligible for a bonus plan where you will get 12% of your annual salary as bonus bi-yearly. However, the bonus plan is subjective to the amendments in the company's pay policies.
  • You also need to sign a non-compete agreement, trade secret reminder and confidentiality agreement as per company policy.
  • Perks- The other perks and benefits include coverage under the medical, dental and vision plan and consideration for equity based compensation.
  • Leaves policy- You will be entitled to 1.25 leave per month, which will be carried forward and can be en-cashed on an annual basis.
  • Conveyance expenses- $150 will be reimbursed on a monthly basis for the travel expenditure on the submission of valid bills.

We congratulate you for your selection and look ahead to your joining this company.

Mack Louis
Human Resource manager

There are various monetary benefits attached to a sales job, do not forget to mention all the details in the sales job offer letter to make it more effective.

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