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Letter of Application for Vacancy

If you're applying for a job, you're not the only one who is doing so. There are number of applicants trying to get a job. Every employer doesn't have time to go through all the resumes or CVs. They prefer to read the application letter first as it is short and more personal. It gives them a fair idea about the applicant's education and experience background. And if it is not written to make an impression, then there are chances that your resume or CV may not even be read. An impressive letter of application will allow you to outsmart the competitors.


Most often, it is possible that all application letters will not go directly to the employer. They can sometimes need to go through a third-party such as the employment agency, recruitment firms or job network agency. The style to apply for a job will depend upon the job search method you use. The most common method is writing to respond to an advertisement. The main focus of writing a letter is to grab the reader's interest and make them read your resume, and if it is equally impressive, then a call for an interview is inevitable. Just remember to address the employers' needs and stress the benefits they could derive from your appointment.

Give here is a sample, which is written to respond an advertisement published in newspaper.

Sample of Application Letter

Application Name
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number
Email Address


Subject: Application Letter for (Senior Assistant) Ref # CE01526

Name of HR Personnel
Company Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear (insert name),

With great interest, I read your advertisement for the above mentioned position, published in today's edition of the (name of newspaper) and I would like to apply for it. I am quite confident that I possess the experience and skills required for the job.

As mentioned in my enclosed resume, I have a vast experience of operating as an Asst. Secretary, serving top levels of management in different customer-oriented industries. In my current position as an Asst. Secretary to the Chairman of the (name of company), I have led a team of eight staffs in providing support to the Board of Directors. I was responsible in recruiting, training and motivating this group into an efficient team.

I was also able to improve the team functions and cut the need of finding a replacement for retiring member. I am very interested in this senior assistant role as it would allow me to handle new challenges and explore new possibilities in your organization. I feel that my experience, unique approach and practical skills, together with my secretarial abilities would definitely bring advantages to your company.

I would be obliged if given a chance of an interview to discuss how we may benefit each other. You can contact me on (contact number) any day as per your convenience. I look forward to hear from you very soon.

Yours sincerely


The format may differ depending upon your work experiences and skills. You can use this sample as a reference to write your own letter of application the moment you come to know about any job vacancy.

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