How to Write Letter

Application Letter for Teacher

Application letters for the post of teachers have to be written in the same way as you would write an application letter for any other job. There is no change in the format, however it becomes a bit difficult for teachers because they have to prove themselves even in the application letters that they write.


Some tips to write effective application letters for applying to the post of teacher:

  1. Being a teacher or applying for the post of teacher you will not be excused for spelling and grammar mistakes in your letter. So please proof read your letter before submitting it.
  2. You will be expected to write your own letter and not copy it from some website, because here your skills can be tested.
  3. You are also expected to know the exact format of application. After all you will teach others the same thing.
  4. One important thing is that if you are submitting the letter handwritten, then please write in legible writing or better get it printed.

Here are some samples of letter of application for the post of teacher. These samples will give you a better idea regarding "how to write letters to apply for a teaching job?"

Sample letter of application for a teacher's job:

Jade Jame,
5th street,
New York City- 555.
Ph- 00 0000 00

Mrs. Smith,
Principal - School of New York,
New York City - 555.

Dear Mrs. Smith,

This is with reference to the advertisement posted on your school's website. I am Jade Jame and I wish to apply for the teacher's post with your school.

I have completed my master's in literature and also am a certified teacher. I have been working with Lord's school for more than two years now. I have always taken initiatives to promote active student participation, open door communication policy with students, various extra curricular activities and also conducted extra classes for students at request.

Being a teacher, my main motto is to encourage my students and enhance their skills. I always update my knowledge and share the same with my students.

Enclosed please find copies of my resume, mark sheets and certificates. You can refer to these documents to get more details.

I would be available for interview on any business day of your choice. You can contact me over the phone or mail me at my email address.

I would be honored if given a chance to work with your reputed school. Awaiting a positive response from your end.

Jame Jade

In some situations when you have had a conversation with the desired person or you are applying through a reference then you can start your letters as follows:

  1. Conversation
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is with reference to the telecom we had……. Dear Sir/Madam,
    As discussed with you, I would like to apply for the post of……………
  2. Reference
    Dear Sir/Madam,

As per the information conveyed by Mr. XYZ regarding a job vacancy for the post of teacher in your school , myself PQR would like to apply for the same……….

In this way you need to structure your letter. Be as precise as you can. Write small paragraphs and sound formal. After all, this application letter will decide the worth of your resume and more important the chances of it being considered.

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