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Solicited Letter of Application

Application letters for a job are of two types, solicited letter of application and unsolicited letter of application. The basic format of application letter remains same for both although the contents to be included differ a bit.


A solicited application letter is written in response to a job advertisement in a newspaper or over the internet and so on.

Contents to be included in a solicited letter are:

  1. Reference to the advertisement for the job
  2. If possible, name of the person the letter is addressed to
  3. Your qualification
  4. Reason for your eligibility
  5. Request for interview

Thus any letter written in response to an advertised vacancy is a solicited application letter. Here are some sample solicited application letters for your reference.

Solicited letter of application - Sample 1

Brooklyn- 00 001
Ph- 11 11 0000 00
10th January, 2011

Mr. Diyaz Dene
Manager- Sales & Marketing,
Def Ltd.
Brooklyn- 00 111111

Dear Mr. Dene,

This in response to the job advertisement for the post of "Sales Head" in "The NEWS" dated 10th January, 2011. I wish to apply for the same.

My qualification and 3.5 years work experience in this field make me eligible for the same. I have a master's degree in business administration with honors in Marketing. I am currently working with Sek Ltd., Brooklyn as a Team Head.

As a team leader I have always taken initiatives and encouraged my team to achieve the targets. I have contributed substantially to the overall sales revenue of the organization.

It would be glad to meet you and discuss this further. I assure you this will prove to be a real investment of time for you. My hard work and efforts will prove to be very beneficial for your organization.

I have attached a copy of all the essential documents to prove my eligibility for this post.

You can contact me on the given cell number or email address on any working day.

Hope to get an interview call soon.

Thank You.


Reply via Email

You can also reply via email if you have got a job opening advertisement in your email inbox. If you do not have the email address of the right person you can contact the organization reception and get the same.

A simple format for the same will look as follows:

Sub: Application for the post of Sales Head

Attachments: - Resume, Work experience certificates, testimonials, mark sheets copies (scanned)

Body of the message:

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to the job opening in your organization. As per the email I received dated 10th January, 2011 you have a vacancy for the post of "Sales Head" in your reputed organization.

As per the job description in the mail and the eligibility criteria, I find myself eligible for this position. I work as a team lead with Sek ltd. I have a work experience in sales and marketing of around 4 years and have very successfully handled my job responsibilities.

If given a chance I will not disappoint you.

I have attached all the essentials herewith.

Thank you for your time.


These sample solicited letters will help you to write a successful application letter. It is not rocket science after all!!

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