How to Write Letter

Reply to Inquiry Letter

When you reply to a letter of inquiry sent by a prospective customer, it is very important that you provide the specific the information that you have been asked for. The letter can be sent in response to an advertisement that you might have placed or it can even be unsolicited. Your letter should also have a formal appearance and tone. Follow the following guidelines for writing a reply to an inquiry letter.

  • In the opening lines, refer to the letter that was sent to you. If required, you can also thank the organization for showing interest in the products or services that you provide. The opening lines are very crucial and give a first impression about you to the reader.
  • Mention that you have understood the requirement of the customer and give the details of the information that you have been asked for. Answer all the questions that you have been asked.
  • If you are adding more information than what is required, then make it quite clear. For example, you can write "In addition to the above services, we also provide the following services".
  • In the concluding paragraph, you can add a line or two saying that you look forward to do business with them or you look forward to a positive response. These words give a very positive impression to the reader.
  • Before you send your reply, check if you have provided the specific information. Also check if you have formatted your letter properly and there are no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

Sample Reply to Inquiry Letter

Best Writing Services
32nd North Street
New York City
NY 670002

Date: 15/05/11

Mr. Adam Fredrick
Murphy Software
53rd Arlington Street
Albany CA 600002

Dear Mr. Fredrick,

Thank you for showing your interest in our company. Ever since we started operating, we have had very good response from several organizations. We have had 12 years of experience in providing writing services to our esteemed customers. The following are the highlights of the kinds of services that we provide.

  • We make user guide and online help for software products developed by our clients. The writing services also include writing white papers and release notes for the new products in order to promote the product.
  • We also have a team of technical writers who specialize in writing proposals for the software products. These proposals can help you to response to an RFP.
  • The team of writers will also review the documents, before they are sent to you. They will make sure that the document has no grammatical or spelling errors. However, they will need the help of your subject matter expert for the technical review.
  • The cooperation of the subject matter expert will be expected by the writers for the successful completion of the documentation process.
  • Apart from the team of writers, we also have a team of instructional designers who develop the training materials for our clients. For doing this work also, we would expect some sort of cooperation from the concerned department.
  • We shall shortly be adding a new department of content writers who would be creating content, managing the websites of the clients as per their specifications.

The pricing of the services shall be sent to you after the managers of the concerned departments take a look at the amount of the work. We look forward to do business with you. If you have any further queries, kindly call us at 0154-2225554 or send a mail at

Stephen Evans
Best Writing Services

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