How to Write Letter

Letter of Intent to Vacate Apartment

Letter of intent to vacate apartment can be of two types. It can be sent from the landlord to the tenant to vacate the apartment or premises; or it can also be sent from the tenant to the landlord informing him about his intention to vacate the apartment.


If the letter is from a tenant, it should include the following points:

  • The date on which the apartment will be vacated
  • The date on which the landlord can have the possession of the keys
  • Reason for vacating the apartment
  • Remind the landlord of refunding the security deposit and state the amount that is due.
  • The tenant should also mention his new address and contact details, in case the landlord wants to contact him
  • If any damage was incurred and could not be repaired, make sure to inform the landlord

All this will definitely clear out doubts from the mind of the landlord.

587 West Street,
New York City,
NY 70001,
Date: 11/01/11

195 East Street,
NY 60001,

Subject: Notice to vacate the premises.

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that I would not like to extend my lease, which ends on 11/02/11. As stated in the terms of the lease, I am giving you a notice of 30 days. I shall vacate the apartment on 11th February. 2011, as I have been transferred to Chicago.

You would get the possession of the apartment keys by 12th February, 2011. I shall leave the apartment neat and clean and also remove my personal belongings by then. I have taken care of the leaking taps of the bathroom. If you want to inspect the premises, please free to do so on a weekend.

The terms of lease stated that I will get my security deposit of $__ within 30 days of vacating the apartment. Please arrange to have the full amount deposited in my bank account, the details of which you already have. I am vacating and leaving the apartment in very good condition, and the bills and taxes have been taken care of.

If you have specific instructions regarding maintenance, or any other queries, please contact me at 55544477 or send me mail (which will not change). Please note my new address:

564 Elmwood Park,
Chicago 58001

Yours Truly,
James White.

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