How to Write Letter

Letter of Interest for Principal Position

Are you looking for a job change as a principal? We will help you with a good sample of letter of interest for the position of a principal. But before that, let us go through the things to remember:

  • Before writing your letter of interest for a principal's position, do not address the letter with general terms like "to whomsoever it may concern". Address it to the specific person by name. Address the letter to the principal if you are writing an assistant principal letter of interest.
  • Mention the reason why you are interested in the position in that school. Express your excitement to join the school.
  • Mention your experience and qualification. Try to convince the recipient that you would be the best choice for the job. But, do not provide fake information.
  • Thank the recipient & mention specifically about when you will contact them henceforth

Following is the sample of letter of interest for principal position.

Let us assume that John is writing a letter of interest for Principal position in school.

John White
22 West,
Park Street
New York,

19th January 2011
ABC School

Dear Dr XYZ,

This is with reference to the principal's position in ABC school. I would be very interested to apply for this job opportunity in your school. Your school is known as the best school in town and I am eager to meet you for further discussion. I am confident that I will meet your expectations of a candidate for this job opening.

I have completed my graduation with specializing in education administration. I have earned certifications as a principal (PreK 6). I have 15 years of experience, 7 years in teaching and 8 years in education administration. I am currently working in PQR School as a principal.

While in my tenure with PQR School as a principal not only did I take care of the students education but also took care of their safety, safety policy, program management, syllabus amendments, budget, Performance checking, general administration and parent teacher interaction. I also give emphasis on student teacher interaction through 'STIP' (Student Teacher Interaction Program) I took the initiative and established parent teacher interaction groups. I have organized presentations and training programs for students to make them aware of their career opportunities and options.

I was voted as the best teacher consecutively 3 times for the last 3 years by the student counsel. I always make sure that I provide focused attention towards the needs of my students. I also make sure that proper discipline is maintained in my school. I am sure I am capable of handling the responsibilities of the position of the principal in ABC school.

I will call you tomorrow evening to get an appointment and discuss my candidature and credentials in person. Thank you for your time and consideration.

John White

Make sure that there should not be any errors and silly mistakes in the letter of interest for the principal's position. We hope the above mentioned sample letter of interest for a principal's position will get you your desired job as a principal.

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