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Letter of Interest for Sorority

A human being is said to be a social animal. Every individual desires to be a part of a group who have similar interests or goals. This has led to the formation of many sororities and fraternities. This article will help you write the best sorority letter with a sample letter for better clarification.


Fraternities and sororities have their origin in Latin words where 'frater' means brothers and 'sorer' means sisters. Usually undergraduates are allowed to be members of such sororities (groups for women). These sororities have members with similar interests, goals and also views, in some cases.

If you wish to be a part of a sorority and are struggling to write a letter of interest, you are reading the right article.

Tips to write a sorority letter of interest:

While seeking membership with a sorority, you have to make them realize "Why you deserve to be a part of this particular sorority?" However, be careful that you don't boast about yourself while sharing your information.

Follow these simple tips to write your letter:

  1. Please write a simple letter and be precise. The reader might be reading around 40-50 letters a day.
  2. Though this is a letter of interest, you cannot be informal. Use formal language, proper grammar and spellings.
  3. Highlight your strengths and skills that will justify your membership. For example if you are good at planning vacations and handling the entire tour for the members, let the reader know about this.
  4. Another important thing is what you are seeking from the sorority? This means, what you can gain from being a member of this sorority. So let the readers also know.
  5. Lastly, please thank the reader. After all, even the reader has taken efforts to read your letter.

Now that you have the tips to write a sorority letter, below is a sample sorority letter for your assistance.

Sorority sample letter

New York University
17th January, 2011.

Ms. ABC,
______ Sorority,
New York.

Dear Madam,

I have heard a lot about __________ sorority. It is considered to be one of the best sorority for girls and women. Your sorority has always taken efforts and worked towards the betterment of underprivileged in the society.

I have always been a part of various social activities during my school. I have also handled and led various team activities.

I would like to be a part of your reputed sorority and will definitely serve aacs a vital function in this sorority. I hope to get a positive response.


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