How to Write Letter

Letter of Interest for Teaching Position

Are you planning to make your career in teaching? You might be looking for a teaching job and you will need a letter of interest for a teaching position soon. We will help with for writing letter of interest for teaching. Make sure that you never start your letter of interest with "I".


Following is a sample letter of interest for a teaching position.

Let us assume that in following letter of interest John is interested in a teaching position & is writing a letter to the Personnel department of XYZ University regarding the same:

Prof. John White
22 West,
52nd Street NYC,
New York,

14th January 2011

Personnel department
XYZ University

Dear Prof. PQR,

This letter is with reference to the advertisement in ABC newspaper regarding the job opportunity to work with XYZ University as a senior faculty member for xxxx (subject) department. I have completed my undergraduate degree with excellence and currently I am completing my PhD. On 'xxxx(Subject for PhD)'. The title of my PhD thesis is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Title of the thesis). I have explained xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(Contents of thesis) in my PhD thesis.

I always had a flair for teaching. I believe that if you share the knowledge you have with others, then it grows. I have been working with GHI University as faculty for xxxxx (subject). While working in GHI University, I had the opportunity to interact with students, and senior faculty members. This experience helped me to get depth to my knowledge of xxxx (subject). I had a chance to learn new styles of teaching like classroom teaching, brainstorming sessions, discussions & arguments etc. This experience gave me a new dimension of thinking.

Rather than the set methods of teaching I prefer student centered teaching. During my working tenure at GHI University I have worked with students on their ability level. I am confident that I know the psychology of students and I would definitely be able to improve them academically.

Furthermore, I have been very adaptable and a good leader throughout my career. I was a team leader for xxxx (Science fair) back in college. I have been an excellent student and I was very good with convincing other people. I believe that teaching is much more than taking classroom lectures & I always aim at teaching my students how to apply their knowledge in life.

I have attached my resume. I have enclosed three references from my previous employers. If you need any more information, please feel free to contact me. I will happily provide it to you. You can reach me via phone on 212 - xxxxxxx or via email - I will like to attend the face to face discussion on the same as per your convenience. Thank you for taking your time & consideration. I am looking forward to hear from you.

Prof. John White

We hope you will write a good letter of interest for the teaching position using the sample above. Make sure that you do not make any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the same. For that read your letter twice before sending it.

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