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Letter of Support

A letter of support is written by someone as a sort of a recommendation letter that is supposed to convince the reader. It can be written in support for your friend; to get grants. It can also be written if you want to nominate someone for an award. This letter is supposed to convince the reader that your ideas are worth paying attention.


If you have no clue as to what a letter of support is, then you can go through the article on 'How to write a Letter of Support'. This article will also guide you to write any letter of support in general.

If you do not have the slightest clue of what a letter of support is, then browse through the various samples given and read them very carefully. It will give you a fair idea of letter of support. You are sure to find help in the vocabulary, tone and content. The examples vary from letter of support for immigration to letter of support for awards. Note that the details are given only in the letters where it is necessary. So make your letter concise and to the point. In some cases, like writing a letter of support for immigration, readymade forms might be available in some countries.

If you write a letter of support for a grant, then the way you write your letter will determine if you will get the grant, or funding for the project. In the opening paragraph, state the purpose of your letter very clearly. Start writing the reasons for your support from the next paragraphs. In some cases, like letter of support for tenure, there might be a fixed format for the letter. Make sure that you get this clarified before you write this letter. Some letter of support might need to be notarized. So before you go to a lawyer, read the example given here and you will have an idea of how the letter will have to be written.

Try to make your recommendations sound very convincing. However, there is a very thin line between conveying the pros of something or someone and praising. You must be very careful when you write this letter. After you finish writing your letter of support, check for any errors in spelling or grammar. These mistakes would not make a good impression on the reader. Put down your letter for a while and read it once again. This time, read from the reader's perspective and figure out where you might want to improve. This will also make your letter very impressive.

Thus, when you write your letter of support, make sure you modify your letter according to the topic that you have to write. At the end of the letter, leave room for further communication. Close in a formal manner. Remember your letter of support can make a lot of difference to someone else. So do put in some efforts to make this letter look impressive!

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