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Love Letter to Daughter from Mother

A mother-daughter relationship is one of the closest among all relations. Most of the times it's passionate, and sometimes it's difficult and defining. Mothers always look forward to passing on their wisdom to daughters; and they, just want to be free to make their own mistakes. This relationship goes through all the ups and downs in life but still remains the most intimate of all other relations.


A daughter should never hide things from her mother about her studies, friends or even boyfriend. She should try to make her mother understand her viewpoint. Same way, a mother should try to change according to the time and minimize the generation gap between the two. She should trust and guide her daughter not to misuse the freedom given to her.

Constant communication between the two is utmost important to know each other. One fine way to express love, trust and faith is through writing a love letter to daughter. Find out one good sample of love letter written by a mother to her daughter.

Sample of Love Letter to Daughter from Mother

My dear Angelina,

Becoming mother is one of the happiest experiences a woman can feel. I am lucky enough to have this opportunity. I love you baby and want you to be happy. It is a pleasure to see you turned 18 and about to be graduating from high school. Though you've grown up, you are still a baby to me. The same baby, whom I have carried in my womb for nine months, cared and loved. I had enjoyed all your childhood pranks, and they are still fresh in my mind.

I am happy to see you become a responsible person. You've performed your duties as a daughter in helping me out in household without affecting your studies. Where can I find a girl like you? I don't want to thrust my opinion on you and promise to support you in every decision you take. Please let me know what you want to be after graduation. I have faith in you and am confident that you'll take a right decision.

I thank god for giving me a daughter like you. You were not like any other girl fighting and throwing tantrums with their parents. God has been kind enough to keep you away from all the bad things prevailing in the society. You never gave me any chance to scold you or get tensed with any of your activity.

I want you to become an independent person. I will always be with whenever you need me. Angelina, don't fear about anything. If your heart is broken, or you're too tired, or worried about your life not going in the right direction, please come to me baby and share your burden and I'll remind you about the qualities God bestowed on us as a woman to face any challenges of life. I will drag you out from all your miseries.

You're my world, and I want my world to be full of happiness. I love and care for you. You've given me lots of happiness to mother you, and I want to return it back to you.

Yours loving mother,
(Writer's Name)

These are the words that can only come out from a mother's heart. Don't allow the gap between you and your daughter to widen, just communicate and share your feelings through writing a love letter to your daughter.

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