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Love Letter to Girlfriend

When you're in love, you start searching something new to express and impress your girlfriend. You can make her happy by gifting her with presents since girls always love to receive gifts. This will somehow help to sustain your relationship for some time. However, if you want to leave a lasting impression on her mind and make your relations strong, then writing a love letter to your girlfriend is the best and powerful tool to communicate your affection. You can find out some help from the sample love letter given here to express your love in an endearing manner.


Sample Love Letter to Girlfriend

Dear (Girlfriend's Name),

It's 'Valentine's Day' once again. I just can't wait 365 days to celebrate my love. Truly, I don't need a day to celebrate my love for you since it is in my heart forever. I breathe my love, and live for it every moment. I may not be the good-looking or the richest man, but I am surely the happiest to have you in my life. I can see love in your eyes and feel it for the future.

Dear love, you always thinks the way I do. You guide my dreams towards the ocean of your love and passion. You touch my soul with your affection. My heart feels like a bird flying in the sky when you're with me. I can hear your heart beats with the sound of the gentle breeze swaying back and forth. I enjoy the sight of your hair waiving in the breeze. Your passion washes away my pain like the ocean waves, and your presence fills new energy in my body and mind.

For me, every day of my life is a celebration. All I need is to just hold on the lovely and precious moments spent with you. I want to walk with you on the side of the beach in moonlight with my arms around you. I want to take you to the fairy land where we can be all in ourselves far away from the crowd. I want to place my head in your lap and listen to your sweet talks.

My love for you is endless and deep-rooted like the depth of an ocean. It will never end. I can shout at the top of my voice to let the God sitting above know how much I love you. The fragrance of my loyalty will set your soul to breathe in satisfaction forever. Your love is like a gentle monsoon shower that brings a sweet perfume along it.

I am happy to have your unconditional love. You care for me without any expectation. You trust me without any doubts. I know you will always be there to support me when I am about to stumble. You will hear all my heart's talk even before it is said. I knew your love for me is pure and genuine. I adore and love you. You've given me a life, love and reason to be happy. The flames of your pure love shall always glow in my heart.

Your eternal love,
(Writer's Name)

This sample love letter reveals the true feelings hidden in a lover's heart for his girlfriend. If you share the same kind of feelings for your girlfriend, then this sample love letter could be the right choice to write it to your girlfriend.

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