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Love Letter to My Daughter

Writing a love letter to your child is an emotional feeling. You can write it on your child's birthdays, their academic or personal achievements or at least once a year to share your feelings. By writing a love letter to your children, you not only express your love and pride for them but also put forth the hopes and dreams for their future.


Fathers love their children but it is said that they are closer to their sons than daughters. This could be because they share more things in common with their boys, or maybe they just leave it to their wife to take care of the daughters. However, they can build a good rapport with the daughters by implementing some understanding and communicating in a friendly manner. Here is a fine example of a father and daughter relationship written through a love letter to his daughter.

Sample of Love Letter to My Daughter

Dear Rose,

My little angel, you're the most precious gift of my life. The first time when I saw you in the hospital, I was crying with joy. You were the healthiest baby in the whole ward. I thanked God for giving me such a beautiful daughter.

It's a wonderful feeling to see you grow in front of my eyes. Right from the childhood, you were a nice baby who never troubled her parents. You enjoyed all the activities carried out in the class starting from the kindergarten. You always secured 'A' in every grade till your graduation.

I still remember your school days when we used to enjoy playing chess together. I taught you every move of the game, and you were a fast learner. It used to be a tough game playing against you. However, let me confess, I used to deliberately lose just to see you happy. Believe me, the pleasure of seeing you happy can't be compared with anything else in this world. I am ready to lose for the whole of my life just to see you happy.

You have made me a proud father by all your activities. You have a feeling of compassion towards those in need for help and you have contributed your share through the voluntary program taken by your high school. I wish and pray that you carry this feeling along with you till the end. Honey, I am always there with you to help you in any of your generous conduct.

Rose, as every father has a hope from his children, I too have one from you. I would like to see you become a doctor. This profession will give you all the power and skills to help the people suffering from their pain. In doing so, you'll be performing the duties which God expects from each one of us. Please concentrate on your studies and work hard to achieve this dream.

I have lots of faith and hope in you. I am happy to have fathered you. I will take care of all your demands and see to it that nothing comes in your way to achieve success. May god bless you with love and success!

With lots of love,

This sample love letter written by a dad to his daughter reflects all the love, hope and dream that a father has for his daughter. Remember, a love letter to your daughter could just strengthen the ties between you and your daughter.

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