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Love Letter to My Husband

Love is a prelude to marriage. It is the most beautiful feeling ever created by God. Lucky are those who have true love and a special person called 'spouse,' in their life. A life without a partner is like a wheel with no tire. Love makes the path of life easy and short to tread on.


Marriage is an important event for both the man and women. It is a social union where two souls merge into one. You can fall in love and then get married, or you can be in love after marriage. Marriage is totally based on the foundation of belief and trust. It is a sacred association of two families.

Like any relationship in life, it is important to keep on nurturing your marriage relationship from time to time. It often happens that after few years of marriage, the couple gets so involved with their professional life that soon their relationship goes stale. To re-kindle the flame of love in marriage, you must find time for each other. You should grab the slightest opportunity to make your partner happy.

There are many reasons to write a love letter to your husband. You can do this to congratulate him on his promotion, to celebrate your wedding anniversary, to gift him his birthday present, or any special thing he has done for you. Reading a love letter is always a delight for husbands, whether it is written by you before marriage or after marriage. It is one good way to remember your pre-marriage days.

Here is sample of love letter written by a wife to her husband on their wedding anniversary.

My dear husband,

The spark from the very first night we met is still so bright.
It keeps growing and growing.
We are inseparable.
We have counted every minute when we were apart
Until we are together again.
We have spent time laughing, living and loving.
We are committed to living like this forever.
Every day is perfect as if it is made for us.
I'm so happy we could share our love and lives with
our family and friends.
Every year is a special one to us and I pray to god
to continue it for coming years.
Time slips away so fast and steady, it's almost seven years of our marriage.
We have made every moment of our life so memorable
That it can't be washed away from our memory.
(Name of husband) and (writer's name) will forever be
Together in this life and in any other life god brings to us.
I love you and always will until my last breath.
Happy Anniversary, wish you a very special and loving day!

Your loving wife,
(Writer's name)

This sample is just for one reason. There are number of opportunities for you to write a love letter to your husband. Don't miss any of these in expressing your love and bringing back those sweat memories of your pre-marriage days.

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