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Love Letter to my Wife

Love comes in all spheres of life. One such sphere is marriage. In marriage, you get your life partner called 'wife.' It is said that without a wife, there is no life. Wife brings a meaning to life—a life to share and live happily. She leaves her family behind to join a new family with all the faith and commitment. You should respect this very act of her by giving her all the happiness she deserves.


You can love your wife for everything she does for you. Presenting a gift to wife always makes her happy since the gifts are used by her till they last. However, apart from the gifts, a love letter written to your wife is always treasured. A love letter has the power to evoke emotions, even if it is read after several years.

Most of the husbands feel that writing a love letter to wife needs an intense amount of time. Actually, it's not so. A love letter is basically outpouring of your emotions on paper. It just needs to be real and from the heart.

Given here are few samples of love letter written to wife by her husband. (1)

My Lovable wife,

Since the day you entered my life, I have never demanded anything from god. When I go down the memory lane, I find myself as the luckiest man blessed with a beautiful wife and two kids.

We have gone through all the up and downs of our lives. You have really sustained your faith on me. It's your faith that inspired me to do the best on my work front and achieve all that we have dreamed about. It is rightly said that it doesn't matters, whether you're rich or poor, you should have faith in god and our life partner.

You have taught me that love is not all about intimacy or passion in a closed room, but it is about sharing dreams and goals. Love is not a gamble or bet. It is sheer luck. Now I have realized that if your heart if pure you can achieve true love of your life. Thanks for being my true love and supporting me all the time.

Yours loving hubby,
(Writer's name)


My Sweetheart,

I love you! Whenever I think of you, it seems like you're standing in front of me and smiling at me. Just a thought of you brings a smile on my face.

I love you because of your caring attitude, your sweetness, your thoughtfulness and everything about you. You're my best friend and loving companion. I enjoy your laughing at my silly jokes.

I am happy that we share our feelings with each other. I love to embrace you and sit in front of fire doing all kinds of mischievous activities. I love holding your hands on a walk. Being with you gives an immense pleasure and raises my confidence.

I really admire your listening capability when I press my opinions on you. You suffer my imperfections and shortcomings largely without complaining and arguing. I love your generous attitude towards me.

You're the most beautiful and sensitive person on earth. I can never stop thanking god for having you in my life.

Madly in love with you,

Yours and only yours loving husband,
(Writer's Name)

These samples show true affection and love for their wives. You can read it once more to write a love letter to your wife

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