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Sample Love Letter to Girlfriend

When you're in love, you can't separate yourself from writing a love letter. Love letters help you to express your feelings in every stage of your relationship. It can be written at the time of proposing your love, saying sorry, bidding a goodbye or filling up the differences with your lover.


Never give away the practice of writing a love letter. You may need to write it often if you want to make the bond of your love stronger. You should write your letter that could say a lot in fewer words. Here are some samples of love letter to girlfriend that you can copy and use adding your own feelings.

Sample Love Letter to Girlfriend (1)

My Dear Jennifer,

You're the best girlfriend in this whole world. I love every minute thing about you, which makes you stand apart from other girls. I love the way you always watch out for me. I love the way you manage the things when I mess them up. I appreciate your gesture in helping me out. You're so kind and caring that sometimes I deliberately do the things in a clumsy manner just to see you amending it. However, I take care not to take much of your time in doing so. You're a great cook and anything you cook is as delicious as your lips. You often give preference to my taste while cooking. You just turn me on with anything you do.

My love, you're like a poetry that touches every string of my heart, a song which can be sung for the rest of life, a painting that is priceless and the best book ever written. My life is full with a story of your love. I want to read this story till the end of my life. You are the princess of my heart!

I love you and will always be with you throughout my life.

Yours till eternity,


Dear Molly,

How lucky was the day when we bumped into each other. I can never forget the day in my life. It was that sweet incident, which brought us close to each other. My love for you has flourished ever since. Now, I can't see a life without you. You're the person who has brought all sweetness into my life. You're a perfect combination of beauty and grace.

With you by my side, I feel so lively and full of energy. You've given me immense happiness that no one has ever given. Even a thought of living without you brings a shiver down my spine. I always feel like being with you. With you, the time flies so gently and softly that I feel like holding it back for ever. Every second spent with you is memorable, and I wish to share more for all of my life.

I love to be called insane and mad for loving you so deeply. I will love you the way I feel, least bothering about the nickname given to me by others. My love for you is pure like the holy water in the church. You're my source of inspiration and happiness.

Love you always,

If you truly love your girlfriend and want to impress her, these sample love letters are the right diet to raise her hunger for love.

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