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Sample Love Letter to Husband

One of the most important things in life to preserve is 'true love.' It is love that gives you strength to embark on the journey called 'life.' Can you ever imagine a life without love? Just a thought of it sends shivers down your spine. Lucky are those who are blessed with true love. A love changes the perspective of seeing things in life. It fills your life with immense happiness and makes you complete.


To fall in love, one needs a partner. That partner could be your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. You can be in love after marriage if you're not lucky to fall in before. To make your marriage life happy, both the partners should respect their feelings and devout time for each other. They are equally important in sharing every joy and sorrow that come in their way.

You should try to keep away from the things that can disturb your marriage life. It is possible that a problem may occur due to stress, lack of intimacy, poor communication and feeling under appreciated. It becomes necessary to address these issues as they come up. You should find out every method to bring back the lost love in your marriage life. This could be done by changing your perspective towards your partner and if necessary changing yourself.

To spice up your married life, love letter is the simplest tool you should resort to. Create an opportunity to write a love letter rather than waiting for it. A love letter written with true emotions for anything will make your husband happy. You can either give it by your hand or can keep it in a place where your husband can easily find it. If years of marriage have made you fall short of words to express your love, here is a sample of love letter written to a husband on his birthday.

Sample Love Letter to Husband

My Dear Husband,

As a little girl, I played and pretended to cook and clean and to be a Momma to my baby dolls. As I grow, I started thinking about a man, a husband. I imagined him as a brave, strong and very handsome person with lots of love for me.

It was a dream or perhaps a silly fairy tale of the immature longings of a girl who had her love and desire for romance. However, now I realized that sometimes dreams do come true. And here I am with you.

You're the man of my dreams. The first and only one to hold me when I am afraid.

You're my motivator when I doubt myself.

You're the one who made me a mother of two lovely kids.

You're also the one who still behaves like kids and leaves his clothes on the floor.

We are not a boy or girl anymore. We are now man and woman.

I didn't dream that my husband would pray for me or buy journals for each of his children and help them complete their assignments.

Today, you turned 40! And more than anything, I want you to know that I love you very much than anything else in this world. You're the man of my dream. You're the protector of our family. You're my heart, my life, my best friend and my soul mate.

You're the one of your kind and I love you the way you are.

Happy Birthday, hubby.

May god give you a long and healthy life!

Thank you for giving me the world's beautiful gift you have given me in our kids.

Your lovable wife,
(Writer's name)

This is just a sample of love letter for a birthday. You can write a love letter to your husband for anything you admire about him. Just be simple, daring and romantic in your writing.

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