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The Perfect Love Letter

Writing a perfect love letter needs effort and dedication. Love letters are one of the safest and sweetest ways to communicate your love for another person. Simply uttering 'I love you' is not always easy, as we often stammer to say these three cute words. Opening up your heart to someone and showing the depths of your feelings is indeed very difficult in the initial days of any relationship. However, expressing feelings and emotions on paper is somewhat easier than expressing it when together.


It is very important that the feelings should come from the heart while writing a love letter. Your sincerity, honesty and dedication for love should reflect on the letter. Absence of any of these three will not create a perfect love letter. Like any other letter, a love letter should have a beginning, a body and an end. A proper structure always helps in making a perfect love letter. Here you can find some guidelines on how to write a perfect love letter.

Guidelines on How to Write a Perfect Love Letter

  • Presentation
    Love letters are personal letters. It needs to be hand-written rather than typed. Use beautiful stationery that has a soft and neutral color. Write it with a flair pen and in either black or brown ink.
  • Ambience
    Thoughts flow when you're in a quiet and secluded place, where there is no disturbance. Find out such a place and start thinking.
  • Date
    Love letters are always treasured and remembered. It is something that can be read over and over. Hence, don't forget to date your love letter (month, day, year).
  • Greeting
    Love letters are not formal letters. Choose an endearing words or one which you love to call your lover with.
  • Beginning
    Like any other letter, start by telling your lover the reasons for writing. For eg.: "I spent many sleepless nights trying to compose words that might adequately describe the feelings of my heart. However, every attempt of mine has failed miserably. If you can forgive my effort and accept a simple phrase: 'I love you,' I will think that I have conquered the world.
  • Body
    This part of your love letter should mention the reasons for which you fell in love. Just recall the moment when you fell in love with him or her. Explain how your life has been changed since you met. Describe how much you miss your lover when you're not together. Share about the things you have in common.
    Avoid being casual, carefree, or using vulgar words. A love letter is a letter of respect that is used to convey difficult-to-express feelings. You can add some poetry to your words. It can definitely go through miles if your beloved has a favorite author or poet and you write a few lines written by that author or poet. Be genuine and confident in your expressions. Your love letter should be like a painting that is easy to understand.
  • Closing
    End your love letter with nicely crafted words. For ex. "There, I have said it. I can now rest and dream of you." The closing should be positive and pleasant.
  • Valediction
    Try to end it with: "Dream of me, my love…" All you need is a simple and heartfelt goodbye: "Forever yours," "With tons of love" will make your lover happy.
  • Insert
    You can include a special petal from a flower or sprinkle some stars or just tag a tea bag of your favorite tea. This implies that you've put some extra effort into this.
  • Neatness
    Fold the love letter with great care and place it in a neatly addressed envelope—better, if it matches your stationery. Fold it in three-fold with the text on the inside. While placing the letter in the envelope, place it with the crease at the bottom and the salutation facing the back. Write the address in your hand-writing. Add a stamp that reflects romance—the Garden Bouquet stamps are nice. Drop the letter in the mail-box and go back home thinking of your lover.
  • Be Expressive
    Use all the lovable and popular words in your love letter. There are thousands of love words available on the internet. Find out and use them in your expressions.

These are the guidelines you can go through while writing your love letter. All it matters is your true emotions and feelings for your beloved one. Just recall everything about your lover by closing your eyes for few moments, the idea will start flowing out from your heart immediately.

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