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Application for Maternity Leave Letter

Application for a maternity leave is a formal request that needs to be simple, brief and honest. Your supervisor and manager have no time to read the letter that is long and not to the point. They hardly get any time from their busy schedule to read such a letter. On the top of that, they even have to take care of the emails that pile up in their inbox after every few hours. Therefore, your application should be short and contain only the relevant details. It should state the purpose of the leave along with the number of days you will be off from your work. Furthermore, the date of your leave and resuming work must be clearly stated in the application. Most importantly, the application has to be in a formal tone.


When writing the application for maternity leave, inform your manager/supervisor about the project you are working on. This will help them to make some alternate arrangements if the deadline is approaching near. Give your contact details in the application so that you can be reachable if the need arises. Don't forget to thank them before signing off for considering your application. Here is a sample of application for maternity leave.

Application for Maternity Leave Letter

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I am writing this application letter to avail a maternity leave starting from January 20, 2011 till March 19, 2011, total three-month period. As you can see that I am pregnant and the baby's due date given by the doctor is the third week of January, I need this leave to take care of the baby in its initial days. I am attaching the relevant medical certificates and other details for your reference. To take care of the expenses during the delivery period, I would like to apply for the maternity leave benefits as well. I need your assistance to apply for the benefits.

I would also like to know if my annual leave can be added with the maternity leave. If it can be, please inform me about the same. I intend to join my job from March 20, 2011. If at all there is a need to extend the leave due to some complication during the delivery, I will inform you through a mail or a phone call.

Currently, I am working on a project for an oversea client (name of the client). I will be handing over the details to my supervisor and team members, in case I am not able to finish it before the leave date. My contact number is (850) XXX-2659 and email id is

I would like to thank you in advance for considering my application. Please confirm the dates of leave along with the joining back date at the earliest.

Thank you for your time in reading this application letter for maternity leave.

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  • Pregnancy confirmation medical certificate
  • Maternity Leave Form

Usually an application for maternity leave is forwarded to the HR department. You may also need to send a copy of application to the Accounts Department and to your immediate supervisor. Finally, before going on leave, get the confirmation from the respective departments to avoid any future problems.

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