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Maternity Leave Letter Sample

Maternity leave letter is written by the employee informing the employer about her wish to go on leave for a certain period of time in order to give birth and take care of the child. Since it is understood that giving birth to a child and getting back to normal needs some time, the government has laid certain rules which every employer is bound to follow. These rules allow an employee to go on a maternity leave and stay away from work for some time.


Maternity leave period is as short as six weeks and as long as 12 weeks depending on the company's rule, or how long you have been with that particular company. However, there is also a possibility of facing some complications during the pregnancy and the need may arise to extend your leave. In that situation, you can inform your employer and get approval for the same. Again it will depend whether your employer is flexible in extending your leave or not. Even if it is granted, the employer will not pay you for those extra days.

You can adopt your own style while writing a maternity leave letter depending on your situation. It is better to inform the employer as early as possible. The doctor will let you know the due date of the baby. This will help you to plan and apply for the leave well in advance. The format doesn't hold any importance as long as the content of the letter is understandable. Though it is obvious to all around you that you are pregnant, you still have to mention it in the leave letter.

Here is a sample for you that you refer and personalized it in your own way.

Maternity Leave Letter Sample

Jane Hanson
6991 Pretten Curv
Memphis, TN 38230

10 January, 2011

Terry Houston
HR Manager
ABC Enterprises
Labor Street
Memphis, TN 38230

Re: Maternity Leave

Dear Terry,

I wish to go on a maternity leave from 1st February, 2011. The doctor has confirmed that during the first week of February, I can expect my baby.

I am enclosing the maternity application form and the doctor' certificate needed for the formality in availing the leave.

Hopefully, I shall resume the duties from 15th of January. In case if there is a need to extend the leave due to any complication, I will inform you about the same. I will be submitting the details of my project work to my team leader before going on leave so that somebody can take care in my absence. They are free to call me any time if they need any help from me.

I hope to hear from you confirming the approval of my maternity leave and the rejoining date.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Jane Hanson

Hope this sample will help you to draft your letter requesting for a maternity leave. Don't forget to attach the doctor's medical certificate and maternity leave application form if your company requires you to fill it.

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