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Maternity Leave Return to Work

Nothing on this earth can give as much as happiness than starting our own family. When a baby arrives in a family, it is an exciting as well as an emotional feeling. Things and priorities start changing. When you are a working mother, you have to shuffle most of them after the child's birth. Returning to work after a child birth can make you sad knowing that you have to leave your child in a daycare's attention. However, you can ease out all your worries of returning to work by proper planning, and it should start much early than the actual joining date.


These are few things you should consider while resuming your work:

Reschedule your Working Time

Working for the same number of hours or also waiting back will not be possible after the childbirth. You can speak with your boss and request to cut down the number of working hours by an hour or so. This will be better than taking a cut in your salary by working part-time, and no boss will ever mind leaving the office one hour early. That one hour leniency will help you to get some rest and sleep. You can then shift back to normal routine after trying for first few months.

Be Specific About your Work Schedule

Talk to your boss and ask him / her not to overburden you. Also ask him/her to assign that much work which you can easily finish off during the office time. Though waiting for overtime wasn't a problem for you initially, but it will create one after the baby's birth since you have to pick up your child from the childcare center. So, you should plan your priorities from the date you join your duty.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

You should have a backup plan for unforeseen circumstances. For instance, tomorrow if your baby gets sick, what will you do? You cannot leave the child with the daycare provider. Even the daycare provider can fall sick tomorrow. Then who will take care of your child? Or, you may be busy in your meeting that is impossible to leave in between, and then who is going to pick up your baby. All such things should be carefully planned before resuming your work.

Find Reliable Childcare

It is not easy to leave your baby with the childcare provider. You have to be careful while selecting one since there may be many near your area. You can get feedbacks from those you have already availed this type of facility. This will make choosing one easier. However, you should make a list of your expectation from the childcare provider. If you feel comfortable, than you can go with them and concentrate on your work in your office.

Resuming work after maternity leave brings combined feelings of excitement and nervousness. You are excited because your job is still intact, and you are getting back on the professional track. The nervousness is obvious since you have to leave your heart back with the childcare provider. However, if you plan the rejoining by going through these above points, you can definitely be out of worry and can concentrate on your job.

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