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Teacher Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

It is the teacher's responsibility to inform the parents about their kids' progress in the school. They can communicate with the parents through emails, phone calls and with letters. Through teachers, the parents come to know about the good and bad qualities of their kids. Similarly, the teacher should keep them posted about their maternity leave by writing letter to parents. The letter should be written at the same time when you are writing it to the school board.


The teacher has to write a maternity leave letter to the school authority and the students' parents. The content of the letter is more or less the same. There is no need to attach a doctor's certificate with the letter written to the parents. The letter should include both the dates the leave and the resuming the job dates. It should as well include the name of the substitute teacher and her contact number. A brief introduction of the substitute teacher will go a long way and make the parents comfortable since their kids will be taught by a new teacher.

The purpose of the maternity leave letter to parents is to make them aware about who they can speak to in your absence. You can also provide your contact number and email address in the letter so that they can contact you. This will surely ease away their worries, since they may be comfortable communicating with you rather than some relatively new teacher.

While writing letter to parents, there is no need to be formal. The school authority will not ask you write the letter to parents. It is totally up to you whether to write it or not. You can write one letter and distribute the copy of it to all the students of your class. Since it is not practical to sit and write a letter to each of the student's parents. Another option is to call all the parents and hold a meeting with them. This way, you can solve the parents' queries in person. If you don't want yourself to be crowded, then the letter is the best option. Here is a sample letter you can refer to while writing.

Teacher Maternity Leave Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Let me inform you that I am pregnant and very soon I will be going on a maternity leave starting from (insert date). I have planned to resume my job from (joining date) if there is no complication.

During my leave, Mrs. ABC will take over for me and will be teaching the same subjects to your children. She is already familiar with your children as she has substituted me for a few occasions in the past. She was recommended by one of our senior staff. We both will be working together before going on leave. I have no doubt that she will be a perfect replacement for me. She is also known to Ms. XYZ, and Ms. AAA. They both will lend her a helping hand whenever she is in need. I have also provided my contact numbers to Mrs. ABC, in case she needs any clarification.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you can contact me at I will be checking my emails regularly during my absence.

Thank you for all your support.

(Your Name)

Before going on a maternity leave, just don't forget to inform parents. Informing them will help in building a good rapport. Take help of this letter and put your thoughts across.

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