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Teacher Maternity Leave Letter

Every teacher has to plan their leave whenever they are deciding to stay away from work for some period. Planning for this is more crucial, especially if the leave is for a maternity purpose. However, planning is often stressful and confusing since most of the teachers are not clear about their maternity leave procedures. If you follow these tips given here for your maternity leave, you can enjoy your leave without any worry.


Time Factor

Time is important when you are planning your maternity leave. You should react as soon as you get information about being pregnant from your doctor. Speak to your employer and let him know about the date you would go on a maternity leave. Planning earlier will help you ease out your stress.

Consider the Substitute

When you are thinking about a substitute who will be teaching the students in your absence, it is possible that he/she is not from your background. You have to prepare the subject plan in such a way that both the substitute teacher and the students are comfortable. If there is still time for the exam, you can cover the complex topic when you return from your maternity leave. Allow some freedom for the substitute teacher to take decisions as they feel appropriate.

You can also request the school management for a substitute who has a similar background like you. You can as well suggest few names of the teachers who you feel can handle the responsibility better in your absence. Mostly, the school authorities comply with your wishes if it is for the students' benefits. If possible, meet the substitute teacher before going on the leave.

When everything is discussed with the substitute, it is time to write your maternity leave letter to the school board. As usual, the letter should inform them about your pregnancy and the date you are going on leave, and your returning date. A doctor's certificate that confirms your pregnancy is a mandatory document that needs to be attached with the application. Check out with the school administration department if they have any medical form to be filled at the time of leave. Make the letter short and keep a copy of the same with you for further reference.

Teacher Maternity Leave Letter

Teacher's Name
City, State, Zip Code
Contact Number
Email ID


Reader's Name
School Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr./Ms. (reader's name),

This letter is to inform you that I intend to go on my maternity leave starting from (date of leave). I will resume my teaching work from (date of return). In short, I will be staying away from my job for a total of six weeks.

I am enclosing my pregnancy confirmation report for your reference. I have met the substitute teacher, Ms. ABC and explained her about the subject that needs to be covered in my absence. I have also given her my contact number, in case she needs to contact me for any assistance.

I thank you in advance for considering my request. I will keep you posted if I have to join early or extend my leave.

Yours sincerely,
(Teacher's Name)

Even when you are planning to return to work before completing your maternity leave, you have to give three-week notice of return to work to the school board. So, whenever the time comes for going on a maternity leave read this excerpt carefully and help yourself with your plan.

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