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Missing You Letter to Him

It is a great feeling to fall in love. The happiness it derives is beyond comparable. It can't be explained in words. You have to experience it personally to understand its flavor. There are different ways to express your love to your lover. People have gone beyond imagination to express their love. They have even inspired younger generation to follow their suit. You needn't have to be a creative person to show how much you love him/her. Love will teach you everything and bring all the changes that your lover will enjoy.


Sometimes, love demands a commitment from you—a commitment that you will always stand rock solid next to your lover in any severe circumstances of life. To fulfill this commitment, you may have to stay far away to make yourself competent and earn enough so that you can lead a happy married life. Any lover who goes through this phase of life has to bear some pain. When they are away, they miss their lover a lot, and they communicate their feelings through letters. Miss you letters written by those lovers are some fine examples that anybody could love to read. If you are in a similar situation and missing your boyfriend or girlfriend, here is a missing you letter for him written by a girlfriend.

Missing You Letter to Him

Dear (His name),

Please don't get bored after reading 'I miss you'. Yes! I agree that I have written these words hundreds of time, and now it seems like a cliché rather than new. Nevertheless, I can't help myself from uttering it day and night. Thank God, I have a photograph of yours with whom I talk daily for half-n-hour before going to bed. Do you do the same with mine? If yes, please let me know about the topic. I guess it's not about those funs we had behind the doors. I am sure, that there are still more to come after marriage!

Without you, the college is not the same as it used to be. I have started bunking my classes because every corner of it is so full of your memory. It reminds me of our happy days, and I can't concentrate in the class. Don't worry, I am taking the notes from my friend, and I will clear my graduation. I wish we both have graduated from this college. Anyway, I appreciate your decision of going to XYZ University for higher studies. It will definitely fetch you a high salary job and then we can get married soon.

When it becomes difficult to pass the day, I just close my eyes and recall all the good moments that we shared together. All those kisses, hugs, and cuddling flashes in front of eyes and I start blushing. Lucky, that my parents don't recognize this symptom, otherwise I would be caught by them. But some day I will have to tell them about you. As soon as you finish your studies, I will invite you to meet my parents. Till then, concentrate on your studies and get good marks. I miss you and I love you sooo much.

Always yours,

(Your name)

You can write your feelings for him in your own words. This sample letter is just an example to provide with the some stimulus. Go ahead, and spill all your feelings in the letter. You needn't have to worry about the format, writing rules, or even grammar, since he knows you better than anyone else.

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