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Missing You Letter to Husband

Husband-wife relationship is the most intimate relationship people have ever created. In fact, they are obeying God's command by getting into a marriage union. The word 'secret' never exists in their relationship. They share every good and bad experiences of life. No distance between them is too long since they are two bodies, but one soul.


When husband is far away to earn for his family, they call, email and even write letters sharing their feelings and experiences of day-to-day life. Sometimes, they just write to say how much they are missing each other. There are number of letters that are written by wives and husbands which you can find on the internet. Here is one sample of missing you letter written by a wife to her husband.

Missing You Letter to Husband

My dear hubby,

Hope you are fine and doing well in your work. Life is getting tougher without you and I am missing you very much. I understand that there must be some problem with your company that's why the money you sent got delayed this month. We are lucky to have a good landlord. He is not like others who knock the door daily until they receive the rent. He calls for rent only after a week has passed from the due date.

Now as the school is about to start for our kids, we have to pay the yearly fees at the beginning. Not to say about other expenses such as dress, books and transportation. I know you work daily for 10 hours just for us. Whatever you earn is just not enough to take care of our family. So I have decided to take tuition for kids from grade I to grade VII. I have already contacted all our neighbors and they agreed to send their kids for the tuition.

Yesterday, I took our kids to the nearby park. There we spend some time playing flying saucer and football. While walking them back home, Matthew saw a skating shoe in the display window. He took a fancy for it, but the cost was way too high to buy it. Somehow I convinced him and promised him to buy for him in the next month. Sam is just too cute. He never demands for anything. All I have to do to keep him quite is to give him a chocolate cake. He loves it when I bake it for him. Both the kids are very comfortable with each other and they never fight.

From next month onwards, there won't be much problem as I will start earning from the tuition. So, don't bother yourself and be happy with your work. We all are at good health here and pray to God that he keeps you in good health. I have told kids that you will be coming home this Christmas. So, please apply for the leave in advance. We all are waiting for you.

Yours loving wife,


I knew you must have expected to read a romantic missing you letter. However, writing letters to husband or wife is not always about romance. There are other things to be communicated as well. This miss you letter to husband is an attempt in that direction.

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